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Comic-Con 2017: The Big Bang Theory Panel

Comic-Con 2017
The Big Bang Theory Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

After years of just bringing the writers and producers to Comic-Con, The Big Bang Theory has added the actors back into the mix. And that addition warrants a return to Hall H, Comic-Con’s biggest venue.

And what a fun mix it was. The writers are always funny, but the actors know how to entertain. For instance, Kaley Cuoco (Penny) told the story of how they’re not allowed to pull jokes anymore because of one time she and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) decided to get a joke into a gag reel. They arranged for Johnny to push her chair over during a scene and look as if he was pulling her hair out.

“I fell over, got up and asked how it looked when I realized my forehead was gushing blood,” she recalled. “I remember Simon Helberg (Howard) staring at me in shock. I ended up going to the hospital for stitches and we had to shoot only one side of my face the rest of the day. We’re not allowed to do those kinds of jokes anymore.” (They showed the actual clip of this happening.)

Then the cast went down memory lane with favorite episodes and guest stars. Kunal Nayyar showed off the American accent he used to mock Howard in one episode. Kevin Sussman (Stuart) talked about meeting fanboying at meeting Wil Wheaton and how Wheaton did the same meeting Adam West. Producer Steve Molaro had a great West story.

“We had Adam talk about having a poodle and he pulled me aside to ask if he could have a tougher breed of dog,” he said. “I wanted to, but told him poodles was funnier. Then he said it was OK because he did have poodles!”

Producer Bill Prady recalled the day we spoke to Wil Wheaton on the phone, talked with Leonard Nimoy and then Levar Burton walked in his office – all in one day. “A Star Trek trifecta!”

Writer Steve Holland recalled the thrill of hearing his words come out in the voice of James Earl Jones. “And that was the the first time that he’d actually met Carrie Fisher, who was also in the episode. She met him and said ‘Dad!’”

Prady added another guest star story. He recalled a director telling Bob Newhart to do his trademark Stutter, and Newhart responded, “I don’t stutter, I stammer. Do you know the difference? A house in Bel Air.’”

Unfortunately, there were no hints about the season to come. Even the actors don’t know more than a week in advance what’s going to happen.

“Every Tuesday night we get the script for the next week,” said Nayyar. “It’s like Christmas.”

But John Ross Bowie (Kripke) did express one concern. “But I do think the door on Amy and I going on a date is closing.”

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