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Comic – Con 2017: The CW DCTV Trailers

DCTV took over Ballroom 20 Saturday night and gave fans a peek at what to expect on the new seasons of Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Arrow. The DCTV block also gave us a glimpse at the newest member of the CW’s DCTV universe, Black Lightning.

First up was the Supergirl panel as the cast and new executive producers teased season three for fans. The season will be dealing with the fallout of the end of the second season as the sizzle reel showed a different kind of Kara. One that may be more looking to be more self-reliant after the whole Mon-El thing. The cast and EPs also teased that Mon-El isn’t going anywhere, despite the way last season ended for him. Check out the trailer below.

Meanwhile, the Legends of Tomorrow panel brought some fun news with the return of Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart. However, according to Marc Guggenheim, he’ll be returning in a different way than fans anticipate.  Executive Producer, Phil Klemmer also teased that Neal McDonough was returning for season three but as a different iteration of Damien Darhk. Season three will also see the Legends going up against a competing time team, called the Time Bureau, an organization that has similar goals to the Legends only with potentially less meddling with time. Check out the season three sizzle reel below, which gives fans a peek at Billy Zane as P.T. Barnum, Kuasa making an appearance, a funny pop culture reference, and some friction between the Legends and the Time Bureau! 

The Black Lightning panel introduced us to the newest family in the DCTV universe. The sneak peek at the latest entry into the universe, which is set to premiere in 2018, gave fans a look at the Pierce family. The family each have their own things going on and though Jefferson gave up his Black Lightning mantle, he finds his way back to his suit and we see that he’s not the only one with powers. The EPs tease we’ll see thunder and lightning at some point along the way in the form of his daughters. They also teased that James Remar will be joining the cast as a villain. Check out another teaser, though different from the one that aired during the panel.

Next up was The Flash and gave fans the news that Candice Patton’s Iris will be the head of the team when the show returns for its fourth season. In Barry’s absence, everyone will be learning how to deal and will have Iris leading the team. Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship will continue to grow and the new executive producers announced that Cisco will be meeting her father Breacher, who will be played by Danny Trejo. The pair also announced that The Thinker will be a big bad this season. Check out a trailer for season four.

Arrow‘s panel closed out the DCTV block with a fun panel that offered fans a look at what’s to come in season six,  including not one big bad but a “cabal of big bads” according to Marc Guggenheim. Among one of those big bads was Lost and Person of Interest‘s Michael Emerson. The announcement of Michael Emerson joining the cast for the season along with the news that Felicity’s Helix friend, Alena, will be returning left me with the idea that Emerson would be a perfect Cayden James perhaps. David Nykl’s Anatoly will also be returning next season and from how things ended between him and Oliver, it’s easy to imagine the how and the why.

The cast and EPs also teased that the team will also be dealing with the fallout of the island blowing up, from the physical to the psychological. Oliver will also be trying to learn to be a father to William, which includes dealing with the trauma of whatever happens on Lian Yu. 

The EPs also answered the question of the flashbacks and revealed that they won’t be every episode and they will be character specific flashbacks. Does this mean we’ll be getting more Diggle and Felicity flashbacks? A peek at more of Rene and Dinah’s lives before the team? More of Curtis’ history? We’ll find out in season six! 

Check out the trailer for season six.

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