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Comic-Con 2017: Game of Thrones Panel

Comic-Con 2017
Game of Thrones Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

You know you’re in for a treat when a panel is moderated by an actor whose character has already died on the show. That’s right, the Game of Thrones panel was run by none other than Kristan Nairn (AKA Hodor).

First some of the actors on the show talked about their characters. For instance, Sophie Turner addressed Sansa’s growth over the last six seasons.

Now “she’s just as good at manipulating people as Little Finger is at this point,” she said. “She’s not looking for a relationship – she’s done with that. But she’s always searching for happiness. She trusts no one, man of woman, family or not.”

John Bradley talked about Samwell’s growth as well. “He’s absolutely always been an outsider and has been since the day he was born. He thought he’d finally be accepted at the Citadel, but they have him working hard at menial tasks. So he’s learned it’s more important to be loved by two people than be accepted by many.”

Gwendoline Christie spoke about why Brienne’s relationship with Catelyn Stark was such a pivotal one for the lady knight. “It was about recognizing strength in another woman,” she said. “She realized she didn’t have to be fit the mold, only believe in her own moral compass. She’s connecting to her sense of self.”

So many of the characters are now defined with how they interact with Jon Snow, the King of the North. For instance, Samwell is devoted to Jon.

“When Sam met Jon, he became his big brother, his father, his confidante and his best friend,” he said. “Jon saved him. And Sam wanted to do the same with Gilly. Now he’s devoted to helping Jon in getting him the information he needs. He has to a huge debt to pay Jon.”

As for Sansa and Jon, “We’ve seen that sexism come into play, especially when it comes to fighting,” said Turner. “It’s about them finding a balance. He’s good a fighting and she’s good at politics. They have to stop fighting and just work together.”

When asked which character they wish hadn’t been killed, with Nairn broadly hint they all pick Hodor, Turner created waves by selecting the evil Joffrey. :I just loved working with Jack Gleeson!” she told the booing crowd.

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