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Comic-Con 2017: Lucifer Panel

Comic-Con 2017
Lucifer Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

There are going to be a whole lot of changes in Lucifer, which begins airing a new season Oct. 2. First of all, the production is relocating from Vancouver to LA. Huh? They’ve been doing a pretty good job of convincing me it’s shot in LA. LA is almost another character.

But there is a new character – Lt. Marcus Pierce, played by Tom Wellings (Smallville). And he’s got an eye on Chloe. Don’t think Lucifer is going to like that, oh no. And from a clip of the opening show we learned that Lucifer is back into the ladies, Chloe and Dan kiss, Amenadiel gets shot (but is fine), and Dr. Linda gets really drunk.

A few things are still unsettled – like what happened to Lucifer’s mom? Last we saw her, she was in a body bag. Not even actress Tricia Helfer knows. “You’ll have to wait and see if she’s really gone,” Helfer teased. “I don’t even know yet because I’m not in the first episode.”

Dr. Linda is struggling with her new world. “She’s coping with the reality of being the only person who knows the supernatural world exists,” said Rachel Harris. “She’s basically in denial, but we’re starting to see a few cracks. We also get some of her back story.”

And Lucifer is having a difficult time since he woke up in the desert with white wings. “He’s been defined as the devil and cut off his wings as a way to cut off from that role,” explained producer Iidy Modrovich. “Doing that was a big middle finger to his Father. And now they’ve grown back. So he’s pissed off.”

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Series star Tom Ellis revealed that Lucifer will be doing more singing this season, starting with a Vegas episode where he sings “Luck Be a Lady.” The audience roared with appreciation. He also revealed that, even though it looks like he plays piano on the show, “I don’t play,” he said. “I play air piano.”

But he did lead the audience in a singalong of the pre-commercial music of the show with lyrics he introduced at Comic-Con last year. It goes: “Crime solving devil. It makes sense. Don’t over think it.”

When Modrovich said her dream was to do a musical episode. Ellis applauded the idea along with the audience. “The rest of the cast,” he said, “has amazing voices.”

In fact, watching the way the casts made each other laugh, it’s easy to see it must be a fun show to work on. “We got several pranksters,” said Ellis. The worse? The one you rarely see smile on the show. “Lauren [German, who plays Chloe and wasn’t in attendance] filled my trailer with cut outs of a person who had been on the show. I finally got them all out and a week later another one shows up.”

But one thing we’ll never see on the show, said producer Joe Henderson, is heaven or hell. “We really want to focus on the earthbound characters.” Modrovich agreed. “I find that’s the sweet spot of the show,” she said. “It’s celestial beings interacting with humans.”

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