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Comic-Con 2017: Timeless Panel

Comic-Con 2017
Timeless Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

The Timeless panel didn’t even try to hide the fact that the show had been canceled and brought back. No, they embraced it. Then they thanked the audience over and over and over again.

This is how producer Eric Kripke recalled how it went down. “We were canceled on a Wednesday and were just starting to go through the grieving process. There was no hint. At 9:30 Saturday morning I got a call from NBC. They said they’d made a mistake.”

The huge public outcry over the cancelization is what led the NNC to reconsider. “It was the fans that did it,” he said. “So thank you for saving the show.”

Granted the season 2 order is for 10 episodes rather than 20 and the show won’t return until 2018, but the crowd roared its approval. The show is moving from filming in Vancouver to LA.

Each of the cast picked a favorite episode. Malcolm Barret (Rufus) selected The Alamo, while Goran Visnjic (Flynn) choose any time he got to ride a horse. For Abigail Spencer (Lucy) it was the Bonnie and Clyde episode.

“I loved the time period and the costumes were beautiful,” she explained. “But any era where there’s a corset, I don’t like it. And period shoes are very warm and uncomfortable. Even the men had comfy shoes available for between shots.”

The cast also revealed that the time capsule started out cramped and hot. While it’s still those, it was made a little bigger as time went on so the cameras could get inside.

Producer Shawn Ryan revealed that Rittenhouse is just a name they chose from the history books for the bad guys. “Then I was staying in a hotel in Philadelphia and I learned he was an awesome man. And we had totally slandered him on the show!”

Ideas for season 2 are now being tossed around before the writers return to work in September. While the producers felt it was early to share too much, they did drop a few crumbs. “Lucy’s mother is definitely going to be the big bad this season,” said Kripke. “Now that Rittenhouse has its hands on the time machine, Flynn and the time team have a common enemy and that’s going to be messy.” Ryan also promised to delve deeper into the Lucy-Wyatt relationship as well as that of Rufus and Gia.

Kripke brought up the diversity of the cast and of the characters. “We’re proud to tell individual stories in history of women, minorities and gays,” he said. “We like showing that everyone contributes to the history of our country. That’s a good message these days. This season, we’ll be doubling down on that idea.”

One thing the show won’t be doing is traveling to the future. “Never say never,” responded Kripke to the audience suggestion, “but never. It’s too hard to do the future right on TV.”

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