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Comic-Con 2017: My Top 5 Moments

After the battle that was the Badge buying Hunger Games and the day that was hotelpocalypse, I was lucky enough to get to experience the five days of absolute craziness and excitement that was San Diego Comic Con. From the lines to the exhibit floor to the panels, I’m going to be counting down my top 5 moments (and a bonus one) from my very first trip to nerd mecca.

Waiting in the “Everything Else” Line

photo: brianna

Lines at Comic-Con are not just regular lines. People brace and prepare for these kinds of lines all year, bringing camping gear to claim their spot and wristbands for those hoping to get into Hall H. I was preparing myself for a rather uncomfortable line filled with cranky fans waiting until the doors open and badges get swiped. I was never happier to be so wrong. Granted the lines were outrageously long (for a first timer), but the weather wasn’t terrible, and the people in front and behind me were friendly. Everyone was excited to get in, anxious to make panels and get to whatever booth they were trying to get to before exclusives were out, and that gave everyone a common ground and plenty of conversation starters. We all also found common ground as the Con went on after there were some lines that went terribly wrong (that Hall H line mess over the weekend was a big one).

Anything Goes with John Barrowman

photo: brianna

John Barrowman is always entertaining to watch in interviews and panels for other shows. So it really wasn’t a surprise to find that if you give him the floor (or Indigo Ballroom) for an hour, the result would be a hilarious and fun panel. He spent the time dancing, singing, telling stories, and of course answering fan questions. It was my first panel at my first San Diego Comic-Con, and it was a wonderful way to kick it off.

Psych: The Movie

photo: brianna

The Psych panel was my first panel on the second full day of Comic-Con, and it was such a fun way to start it off. Seeing most of the cast reunite on stage and talk about the process of getting back into the swing of things for their characters was great. It was also great getting not only a peek at the first eight minutes of the movie, but also joining in on a theme song sing along with an entire room of Psychos and the cast.

DCTV Block in Ballroom 20

photo: brianna

Besides the Indigo Ballroom, Ballroom 20 was where some of my favorite panels were. Among them was the DCTV block, namely the Arrow panel. It was an hour that had quite a few memorable moments. From announcing that Michael Emerson is joining the cast as a villain, wishing Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards a happy birthday, and a touching moment as Stephen Amell handed Sarah, a young fan fighting cancer, an arrow necklace that he made her promise she’ll be bringing back with her to next year’s Comic-Con. And in the midst of it all, we still got very few hints about who survived the island.

Broad City

photo: brianna

The Broad City panel brought the fantastically hilarious and empowering aspects of the show into the Indigo Ballroom Saturday night as Abbi Jacobson, and Ilana Glazer brought fans a peek at an episode from the upcoming season (which had the entire ballroom dying of laughter). The episode had everything you have come to love and enjoy about the show. The laughs continued as the ladies walked on stage to Jennifer Lopez, getting the room dancing. It was wonderful listening to their thoughts on the show, the process, what’s going on, and their characters. It made me sad to see the panel come to an end.

SyFy Live

photo: brianna

SyFy Live is a bonus moment from my week that my inner fangirl absolutely loved. After booking it from Ballroom 20 to the Marriott, I got in to see SyFy’s Comic-Con talk show with Zachary Levi as a host. It was fun getting to experience it all and being surrounded by fans as the show’s guests for the day included Karen Gillan, and Arrow stars Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards.

Though these were my top 5 (with a bonus moment), there were honestly so many more fun moments throughout my time in San Diego that I could keep writing about including fellow fans that were a delight and fun to hang out with. I definitely am looking forward to next year!

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