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Comic-Con 2017: Wednesday Preview Night

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

Only a lucky few get a ticket to Wednesday’s Preview Night, the eve before the Comic-Con officially opens. There are no panels, but it’s a time for shopping before the quantities start to dwindle, or to comb the exhibition hall floor for the best giveaways or to watch pilots of new shows.

I don’t know what happened to the pilots this year. The annual Teen Titans screening (an hour-long episode) wowed the crowds.

Unikitty’s pilot seemed to empty out the hall. The new show Deception is like the TV version of the film Now You See It. It’s got appealing actors, a main magician whose charming and paired with the obligatory female police partner, plus a compelling back story. It showed promise. Too bad it’s a mid-season replacement – we’ll have to wait a while.

We were also told there’d be Black Panther and another show, but after trailers of these shows, the lights came up an hour early. You could hear con-goers groaning in disappointment.

Still, it gave me a chance to hit the exhibition hall in a time when the crowds were slowing the aisles to a crawl. I waited in line for Netflix’s booth (first time they’ve been to Comic-Con) and enjoyed a very short but tantalizing peak at Stranger Things Season 2 (it appears to take place at Halloween and Will is the one with powers this time). Didn’t get the sunglasses I was promised on the way in, so I was sad about that.

I also got to pose with Lucifer’s wings. Totally cool as this is one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, no sexy Lucifer was hanging around.

There were a few folks in costumes, but the real costuming starts Thursday and really hits a high on Saturday when the costume masquerade happens in the evening.

Everyone was in a great mood as they know the next few days are going to be something special. Stars. Swag. One-of-a-kind purchases. Let Comic-Con officially begin!

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