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Comic-Con 2017: Westworld Panel

Comic-Con 2017
Westworld Panel

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

After an amazing first season, the cast and crew of Westworld has finished one week of shooting the second. But try to get plot points about the upcoming storyline out of them is near impossible.

Instead, they wanted to talk about what a dream job the series is.

“It’s a massive set,” recalled Emmy nominee Evan Rachel Wood (Delores). “It’s like walking into a dream. All these people are like family for me because of the journey we’ve been on. I would drive home, covered in bruises and blood, and be happy because of something good [the show].”

Jeffrey Wright was just as shocked as everyone else to learn his character, Bernard, was really a host. That’s created some interesting dynamics for him as an actor. “I thought he was this Everyman. But I’m still learning who Bernard is.”

James Marsden (Teddy) began the series as the true love of Delores before his story took a darker turn. In either storyline, he seems to end up dead a lot. “Teddy and Delores are the series’ rom com,” he admitted. “They have respect, hope and purity. But now the producers are turning that on its head. You have to remember that everytime Teddy dies, it’s the first time for him.

“It’s funny how he felt he has to defend Delores and finally realize that she’s fine. It shows how hosts can be more human than than the people who come to the park.”

Jimmi Simpson (William) also had his character make a 180-degree turn when the sweet young man begins to turn into the angry, violent Man in Black. “People say he’s becoming less emotional, but I think he’s becoming more human and even more fragile,” he said. “There’s a deep broken weakness in him. He starts with falling deeply in love and has his heart broken.”

Ed Harris, who plays the Man in Black (the older version of William), said his favorite scene in the first season was when Delores beat him up. “She breaks my shoulder, drags me into the church and beats me up. I was excited to do it because Evan was so excited to do it. It truly is the equalization of the sexes.”

Ben Barnes’ favorite moment came when Logan had to ride a horse naked. “Until you’ve ridden a horse balls to the wind, you won’t know true terror or joy,” he claimed.

As for that future, the cast seemed ready to take the show wherever the writers wanted to go. So expect many more head-turning twists and host reveals in season 2.

“It’s true,” said Wood. “I have complete trust in whatever these people are writing. I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s such an extraordinary experience to be part of this and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.”

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