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Cougar Town – Recap & Review – Little Girl Blues

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Cougar Town
Little Girl Blues

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Why did this show make such a huge deal about Travis going off to college? I think he is on the show (and at home) more now than when he was in high school. Tonight is all about him and his new girlfriend (Kylie and him have an “open” relationship so is it really a “new” girlfriend or just a girlfriend?). Plus, the gang will have a new hang out, much to the dismay of Grayson.

Read on to find out what happened on It’s Okay to Watch a Show Called Cougar Town.

The small storyline is the gang moving from hanging at Jules’ place to hanging at Grayson’s place (In the words of Bobby: “If you need me, Grayson’s door is always open.”). With Kirsten (NOT Kristen) staying at her house, she needs a place to openly vent. Grayson goes to Ellie for help and she tells him he needs to come up with something that keeps the gang away. How does she keep them away? Stan! Even when he’s not home she makes them believe he is and they stay out. Grayson tries trashing his coffee cups but they use bowls instead. He locks the doors, they climb through the window. Finally, he gets a skunk and stinks up his house and they run – fast – and he has some peace and quiet.

In an even smaller storyline, Tom has been invited to have a trial run to join the gang. He doesn’t say much and is quickly sent back to his lawn.

And finally, the big story: Travis has a new girlfriend. While Kylie is off doing whatever with whatever new guy of the week she has found, Travis has found Kirsten (although everyone keeps calling her Kristen, including Travis). The visit doesn’t start off well, with Kirsten breaking a vase and Jules getting a bloody nose after Kirsten slipped on a marble (although Jules doesn’t believe there was ever a marble). To make matters worse, Kirsten is 23 (to Travis’ 19 year old self). While the guys think this is awesome, Jules is not happy about it. Jules asks Laurie to be her “Cobb Stopper Blocker” when she starts going all “Jules” on Kirsten but Laurie sides with Kirsten to fight back against Jules. When it all becomes too much, Kirsten does things her own way and Kirsten knocks over Big Joe, who keeps Jules sane. He is replaced by Carl and a “funeral” is held for Joe. Travis goes after her and brings her back to the house, and Jules tells her to be good to him. Oh, and there was a marble, so that’s good for Kirsten.

As a side story, Travis asks the guys for sex advice because, although he’s been with Kirsten before (once), he doesn’t want to disappoint her. He doesn’t remember what he did the first time because he had a bunch of NyQuil in his system. Each guy says they never worry about it because they’re awesome in bed but finally they open up about their insecurities and problems they have (advice from your dad, your mom’s boyfriend and a guy who is pretty much your uncle? Awkward.).

I enjoyed this episode. It had a good mix of the gang, Jules and laughs. I also liked Tom having an “audition” to join the gang. I’m not sure how much I like Kirsten but it was nice to see someone go up against Jules and Laurie besides the gang. It must be hard for Jules to think of any girlfriend of Travis’ to be a potential daughter-in-law (she met Bobby at 19 1/2) so it will make for some funny stuff in the future. And as usual, I love the “title” of the show every week! I can barely remember the times of Jules and her boytoys anymore. What did you think? Leave your two cents below!

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