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Cougar Town – Recap & Review – The Same Old You

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Cougar Town
The Same Old You

Original Air Date: Dec 8, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

It’s been a while since we’ve seen any of the gang at work (remember, some of them do actually have jobs!). We also haven’t seen a good Ellie battle in a while. Well, we’re in for a treat tonight. Thanks to the writers for not going into Christmas mode like the other shows, we get a totally random episode about Jules wanting to help Bobby. And what makes Travis and Laurie think about becoming a couple?

Find out all that and more on All I Want For Christmas Is A New Title … Cougar Town. (I love it!)

There were several storylines all thrown into one in this episode. I loved them all and they all intertwined.

Ellie and Grayson: Ellie and the gang have known each other for years and she can pick on them for all their little quirks and things from their past. But she has nothing on Grayson! She digs up video of him as a little boy in a Little Miss (Mister?) Miami pageant. He hits her back with a bushy eyebrow teenage Ellie pic. She gets him back with a hot bartender calendar picture (banana hammock included!). They’ve now got enough on each other. Oh, and Ellie used to be a “hot shot” girl in her 20s. Nice.

Laurie and Travis (???) and Kirsten: When Travis and Kirsten see Laurie at a sorority party (which Kirsten doesn’t seem to be too thrilled to be at to begin with), they hang out with her and find out she likes being the leader of a group of people who listen to everything she says (think “The Plastics” in Mean Girls). They even use her new “LAUGH” and say things like “that’s so Ellie.” But Kirsten doesn’t like this because she thinks there’s something more between the two. Is there? No. Right? RIGHT?! When Kirsten storms out, Laurie and Travis talk about it. Laurie says “Could you imagine if we ever dated. It would be like dropping a bomb on a forest fire.” Travis says something nerdy back and she calls him a nerd. It’s actually really cute and as a Travis/Laurie fan from day one, I love it. Kirsten comes back, apologizes and Laurie leaves … while Travis looks longingly at the empty door and confused as ever! To make Kirsten more comfortable, Laurie fakes her death for the sake of their relationship and the sorority girls hold a vigil for her. It’s quite funny.

Bobby: What was Bobby like before he married Jules? Apparently he was a 19 year old All-American Golfer with a six-pack (of abs, not beer…) and flowing gold hair. Now? He lives on a boat in a parking lot, teaches golf and can’t even get mail delivered to his boat. Jules decided this isn’t good enough for the man she once loved and brings the gang together to help. When one of his golf clients (Smith’s dad?) suggests he play in an upcoming tournament, he turns it down. Jules begs him to and he agrees. Jules gets the gang together to get Bobby’s boat fixed up and into the marina. The plus side to this all? He wins the tournament. The downside? When they put the boat in the marina, it sinks. Uh oh.

Since I am not a fan of the holidays, I liked a non-holiday themed episode in a block of holiday stuff. I’m just gonna bullet point my thoughts here.
– Travis and Laurie have had something for a while. Now that he’s in college and dating an older woman who isn’t too far off from Laurie’s age, I see them together (or at least exploring their feelings…) in the near future. It’s not that far-fetched. Smith and her dated and he was in law school. Can’t be much older than Travis. It could work. Travis seems to be the only person Laurie has ever fully trusted.
– Grayson as a pageant boy and a bartender calendar man was hilarious.
– “Get ahead, get a home” seriously IS the worst slogan ever for a real estate agent.
– Jules finally realized that Bobby won’t be the Bobby she once knew. But for some reason, I think she may be feeling something for new Bobby. Another triangle in the future?
– LAUGH. 🙂

What did you think? Will Travis and Laurie explore their relationship? Will we see a Bobby/Jules/Grayson triangle again? Will you start saying LAUGH instead of actually laughing? Leave your two cents below.

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