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Cougar Town – Recap & Review – Turn This Car Around

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Cougar Town
Turn This Car Around

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Associate Editor

Television schedules have been odd lately so we missed a week with Jules and the gang. Supposedly, this week Jules vows to give up wine and Grayson gets a lady – in the form of Sheryl Crow! I know that all she wants to do is have some fun (ha, get it? Cheesy…), but I hope she can act, too. I haven’t seen her in much but I’m sure she can hold her own with these guys.

The whole gang is waiting for Jules so they can watch their favorite show (they don’t say the name but it’s American Idol) when Jules and Laurie come home and Laurie is yelling at Jules for being on her phone while driving and nearly hitting a cop. Everyone gets a glass of wine and they sit down to enjoy their show. As he used to, Grayson is walking out his morning girl and Jules and Ellie give him crap for it (and do the “female chest pump” which gets neighbor Tom excited…he’s been around a lot lately!). Travis goes to visit Bobby and he says he’s going to be lonely when Travis goes off to college so he got a big dog – and named him Travis. Laurie is on the phone with Jules while she’s driving and talking on the phone and she drives through someone’s fence. More specifically, the person whose house she was supposed to sell. Her and her car wind up at the bottom of their pool. Sheryl Crow shows up as a wine saleswoman selling a brand called Herpes (pronounced er-pez) and she asks him out. He says no and Ellie (who is sitting nearby) says he is saying no because she’s too old. Jules is afraid of dying after driving through the fence and goes over her funeral plans (in a joking manner…kind of) with Ellie and Laurie. She also wants to have some wine but there are no clean glasses so she drinks it out of a water bottle. Addicted much?

Jules says she is taking a look at her life, starting by cutting back on wine because she spends so much money on it. She decides to give it up for one month. Laurie and Ellie are not happy about this. Grayson goes out with Sara (Sheryl Crow) and she wants to dive into deep subjects but he doesn’t want to talk about anything deep. Plus, he’s not used to it since he only dates teenagers, I mean younger women. Andy goes to visit Bobby and dog-Travis and Bobby has built a n elevator for him to get into the boat because he can’t get up on his own. He also sleeps in the bed with him (Andy says it’s creepy…I agree…). Jules goes to Grayson’s bar and Ellie is torturing Jules by drinking wine in front of her. Ellie asks Grayson how the date went and he says it went horrible because he doesn’t like talking about things and he prefers younger women because they don’t talk much. Andy is talking to dog-Travis and is jealous of the dog taking up so much time with Bobby. Jules is programming her phone since she isn’t drinking and is bored. She says she has more energy and feels better. She paints Andy and Ellie’s mailbox and even takes up Mandarin. However, it seems people are avoiding new and improved Jules. They don’t even show up to watch their favorite show (cough American Idol cough).

Everyone finally shows up, not to watch the show but for an intervention … a backwards you-need-to-start-drinking-again intervention. Line of the night goes to Ellie: “Drinking makes people fun.” Grayson thinks it’s silly (I agree). Jules said she has always supported everyone else and they should support her. Bobby calls Andy over to make peace with dog-Travis so he makes Andy walk the dog. Grayson decides he’s finally sick of young girls but that women his age freak him out because they know what to say to get into his head (like by saying the word “commitment”). Laurie and Ellie go to Jules to apologize but find that she has been drinking. Sara is at the bar and says the date with Grayson was boring. She leaves because he can’t be real with her, making her not interested in him. Jules says she can’t change and missed her wine. Dog-Travis and Andy are not having fun (dog-Travis looks a lot like The Beast from The Sandlot) and Andy just wants to go home. Grayson runs after Sara and gets “real” with her, telling her she is annoying because she tried to get too deep too fast and then Grayson gets a little bit real about his past. Sara kisses him because he “got interesting.” They hear Andy yelling for help … dog-Travis is sitting on his head. Ellie and Jules are driving when Jules’ phone rings and she pulls to the side of the road and answers her phone. She realizes that she still can change.

Bobby makes Andy and dog-Travis shake on being friends. Okay, that’s just weird.

Overall, an okay episode. It was nice to see Grayson grow up a little bit and Sheryl Crow was a good match for him (and has decent acting chops). The Bobby/dog-Travis/Andy thing was a bit weird. I understand needing filler, but that was creepy filler. I liked seeing Jules not drinking wine but having her car go into a pool was a bit extreme in order for that to happen. What did you think? Leave your two cents below.

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