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Cougar Town – Recap & Review – You Don’t Know How It Feels

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Cougar Town
You Don’t Know How It Feels

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2010

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

It’s Halloween time on the cul de sac which apparently is a big deal. But a few things are going to make it a weird celebration: Travis is off at college and Jules’ father is coming to visit. Apparently Travis being off at college has made him think Halloween isn’t fun and with Jules’ dad coming to visit, it is going to put a damper on the holiday because he never likes any of her boyfriends (or she likes him to hate them so they can spend time together).

Also, she speaks with a southern accent when he comes to town. Ya’ll catch that? (By the way, as a side note, I hate Halloween and people dressed in costume, so this was scary for me to watch at the beginning, but luckily, their costumes weren’t that bad..)

Jules says she hates Halloween but her dad loves it. Her dad, Chick, is coming to town and tells the gang to throw something at her every time she goes into a southern accent. She has sworn this visit will NOT be a disaster. Bobby goes to Andy and Ellie who are filling out Stan’s pre-school applications. They tell him since he divorced Jules, he no longer will be co-guardians with Jules if something happens to them. Grayson is introduced to Chick as “the guy who is sleeping with his daughter.” Nice. Chick decides he wants to pick up Travis from college and needs the only person who hasn’t been drinking to take him. It happens to be Laurie (ironic, right?). Everyone loves Chick but Jules explains when it’s just the two of them together, he turns into a distant man. Jules, wanting Grayson and her father to not get along, finds them playing guitar together. It’s not working so well. (Another side note: those Burger King commercials don’t work so well for me either. Epic flute solos? Ouch, my ears!)

Chick and Jules are in the jam room but Travis is not happy since it’s his bedroom. After Chick won’t talk about his feelings, Jules tells him to get out of her house. Meanwhile, Ellie and Andy find out that the man who is in charge of one of the pre-school lists golfs with Bobby. He’ll do it if he’s back as guardian. Travis is also still not into Halloween even though Laurie is trying to get him to be by scaring him a bunch. At the Halloween party, Laurie shows up as Ellie and Ellie shows up as Laurie. It’s amazingly epic. Bobby is “windy guy” so he can leave any conversation he doesn’t want to be in. Jules shows up as a princess knowing Grayson is showing up as a prince. However, it’s not a prince, it’s THE Prince, as in all-purple, singing Prince. Travis finally scares Laurie but leaves her hanging in some fishnet on Bobby’s boat. At the party, Jules gets a text from her dad that he packed up and really did leave. She’s sad. Uh, what did she expect?

Hilarious costume moment goes to Barb, who is a hay stack (with no back). There’s also two annoying bears, a panda and a big brown bear. The panda is cute and cuddly while the brown bear keeps stealing people’s beers and pretzels. Bobby tells Ellie he called his friend and got Stan into the school. Laurie visits (scares…) Travis and shows her pictures of when he was a bear, because his grandpa said you could dress as a bear and get away with everything. AH! Scary bear is totally Jules’ dad. He shows up as Jules is all sad in the street and they hug after she opened up her heart to Grayson and he overheard. Ellie tells Bobby he’s back in as guardian because he put Stan first and knows he’s a good guy. Travis shows up at the party dressed as Andy. Oh, this show totally wins for best costumes. Forget Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Spiderman! Finally having their heart-to-heart, Chick says it’s hard for him to talk about his feelings because Jules reminds him of her mother when she was younger. But they finally have their emotional time. When toasting, it appears Bobby called the wrong person – DOH!

This was a great Halloween episode. The costumes were hilarious, the storylines made sense and flowed with current storylines and I literally laughed at loud at certain points. Jules going into a southern accent because of her dad is such a Jules things to do. Again, I love the Travis and Laurie relationship. I wonder if they were a few years closer in age if they would make a good couple? In the meantime, we get to see them act like brother and sister – and I’m okay with that! Barb as half a hay stack was totally Barb (and for you crossover General Hospital fans, how hilarious is it to see Carolyn Hennesy dressed like that??). Jules and her dad were so cute (and very realistic). But a hug from a randomly dressed bear in the street would send me running a mile a minute in the other direction (but that’s just me and my Halloween fears and I don’t live in a TV show). And Bobby … oh poor Bobby, the guy can’t catch a break. What did you think about it all? Leave your two cents below!

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