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Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Gold Soundz

photo: usa
photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Gold Soundz

Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2014

Brianna – Associate Editor

It’s time for the Covert Affairs season finale and while the team continues to hunt down Langer before he causes anymore problems in Virginia and get Belenko out of Argentina, opportunities present themselves to the team that may change their ways of life as we’ve seen it up until this point and gave the final 20 minutes a very final finale feel.

The search for Langer is on and it’s proving to be very difficult for the team and frustrating Calder to no end. But, that’s not the only thing causing trouble for the team as Annie and McQuaid are stuck in Argentina with Belenko in their possession. With Langer still successfully eluding the agency and their very well trained agents, Calder has taken it upon himself to join in but after a failed attempt at tracking him down, he starts to get some unwanted attention from a higher up.

Unfortunately for him, they don’t seem to be getting any closer to catching the man he found out last episode was responsible for shooting Sydney. Just as he’s dealing with Langer, Auggie’s returning to the States and gets a few interesting words of wisdom from Deckard about life post-Agency and how it’s not as bad as he thinks it would be. We see throughout the hour exactly the toll those words take on Auggie’s decision that is revealed in the final moments of the episode. Okay, and maybe the fact that he had to face yet another near death experience at the hands of Langer, who had infiltrated the building undetected, served as the final push.

While everything is going on with Langer, Belenko in Argentina, and Auggie’s possible career changes, Arthur may be facing some change himself. After having Arthur take a bit of a back seat this back half of the season, they bring him to the fore in a very big way. He gets offered the possibility of running for a soon to be vacant Senate seat and while it sounds like something a man with as many secrets as he has shouldn’t be contemplating, a conversation with Joan (who has her own chance at a career upgrade) leaves him a bit more open to the idea.

Back in Argentina, Annie and McQuaid are making their way out but the Vega Force is making it very difficult and a very violent task. As they strategically (and somewhat sloppily) make their way through the streets, they lose sight of Belenko. As they go their separate ways to look for Belenko, Annie ends up finding him…and proceeds to collapses on the street. What he ends up doing for Annie is actually quite surprising, as we see that he takes her to a random family’s home to rest and recover. Things make a little more sense when he explains that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and that at this point that is exactly what Annie and Ryan are to him.

Somehow, throughout their attempt to get out of Argentina, McQuaid manages to bring up marriage and what can be construed as a proposal. Although, it seemed like it came out of nowhere as most of their developments in their relationships up until this point have felt. We see Annie mull it over throughout the rest of the hour and we see McQuaid give her reasons why it would work with them.

By the end of the episode, we see everyone kind of make up their minds about what their next steps are, with Joan accepting her promotion and asking Annie to join her new unit, Arthur contemplating the Senate seat, Auggie deciding to leave the agency and travel the world with Tash—an interesting decision that while we could have seen coming wasn’t how I wanted it to play out—and Annie sharing a moment with Auggie after he announces he’s quitting where he helps her make a decision.

Do we get to find out what her decision is? No, we don’t.

Though we haven’t heard about a renewal, everything about the final act felt very final to me and that is actually okay. Everything felt like it had come to a natural stopping point for these characters, from Auggie’s decision to Joan’s promotion, it just felt like a good place to stop.

What did you think of the finale? Would you want to see more from these characters or have they all come to a natural stopping point?



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