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Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Lady Stardust

Covert Affairs
Lady Stardust

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2012

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The season finale is upon us and I was not disappointed in the least. But the ending will kill me until we meet again next season. The show starts off right where we left off last week, with Annie in Amsterdam getting a call from Khalid. He has Eyal and wants her to give him the names of the CIA assets that work at his father’s company.

The fight scene that Annie had with the 2 thugs was good…really good. She was really taking some punches and getting her butt kicked and I give kudos to Piper throughout the scene. Then she goes to the US Consulate for some help and that’s when things get really interesting.

How many of you were not expecting Auggie to be in the room when she came back from getting info off of the computer? But he was a pleasant surprise, right? She need s his help with a plan to get Eyal to safety. Again, he asks if there is more to them or not…again, no clear answer from her.

Meanwhile back at SpyCentral old man Wilcox is a free man and I still hate this guy. Oh yea, he had my pity when his son died and he couldn’t go to the funeral, but his attitude of not caring who dies to get the 1 bad guy is nauseating. How Arthur can deal with this guy is beyond me. Then the old man requests that Jai be declassified and added to the wall of honor. I am glad Joan felt that they should do it and like Arthur said: it brings the heroes out of the shadows.

Back in Amsterdam, we learn that Auggie has yet another friend they can count on. He has one in every city, doesn’t he? He gets a gun from this friend and now I’m a bit worried. He and Annie have a plan and are ready to execute it. She is nervous and Auggie tells her to block out all the noise and think of one thing…one thing that you love. What was she thinking about?

I do love how when Annie is trouble, she can take hold of a situation and sound so in control like she did when telling Khalid that she is calling the shots. I wish I could do that. Blanks and fake blood saves Eyal, and sets him running and Annie being chased. But Eyal meets up with Auggie at the pier and now they wait for Annie. More running and a great leap has her landing in the boat with both guys.

Favorite moment #1: in the boat Annie and Auggie are talking and he says how he imagines the sights and how he imagines them any way he wants, and one day he will describe how he imagines her. He tells her the plan was risky and he wasn’t sure she would make it. He was worried. The one positive thing he wanted to think about was the same thing he worried about. Awe! Then the damn phone rang and Arthur was on the other end wanting Annie.

That sneaky Campbell couple, they knew if they told Annie where Khalid was and not to go after him, she would do just that. Auggie is adamant about her not going after him, but I noticed Eyal didn’t say that. How she got off the boat and stayed dry? That’s what I want to know.

Through Annie’s people skills she tells Khalid who really killed Megan. It was his father and she had proof. She lets him live and hopes that the rage within will set him to kill his father or vise versa. Damn she is smart.

Eyal thanks her and heads to Athens. As Annie and Auggie are on the plane, he casually asks her out for drinks, but this time something nice…an actual date. I think I just got goose bumps as she accepts and they each have a smile on their face. Friday at 8:00.

It doesn’t take long for crazy Wilcox to be up to something and now he summons Annie. He wants her to do something that involves Joan and Arthur and she agrees. Oh boy, I’m not sure about this.

Favorite moment #2; While Annie is at home, Auggie comes over and is looking quite nice in a tie and jacket, I must say. He has been thinking of how uncertain their lives are and he wants to talk now. Seems Jai’s ceremony got him thinking. But she asks: about what? His hands start skimming her waistline, going slowly up her arm, and all the while she has her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Then they go for the kiss, and it is a nice one. She tells him she is glad they are having this “talk” and have a wonderful kiss again.
Wow, thank you for that! I have to say that was a wonderful and lovely scene and all without words from Auggie… just his hands saying how he felt! Loved it!

Ok, thoughts on the show? Do you think Eyal will have that beach scene with Annie some day? I just love how both Auggie and Eyal would never leave Annie…hmmm.. rivalry? I sure hope we don’t have a huge time leap when it comes back next season. Leave me your TwoCents.

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