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Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

photo: usa
photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Unseen Power of the Picket Fence

Original Air Date: Jul 8, 2014

Brianna – Associate Editor

Annie shows a bit more of that dark side as she gets a possible lead with an ominous alias from Borz, while McQuaid Security and the CIA work together to get their people out of Venezuela on a deadline and Calder gets some helpful advice about dealing with his new job from an unlikely source and when you find out who, you’ll be in for a surprise.

Annie and Ryan have five hours to get across the border from Venezuela to Colombia but there’s a slight hitch in the plans as they come up against the challenge of hiding a body in the trunk of a car and said body.

Things get a little more complicated for the pair as they realize that Borz is bleeding internally and without any possibility of a medical intervention, Annie takes it upon herself to begin the interrogation and she does something that seems like it may be attributed to her time away… lying to Borz about her sister being alive to get answers out him. She doesn’t get many answers but the one she does get is pretty important and sets off a new direction in the investigation, the name of his connection that helped set the whole Chicago incident up and got him to Maracaibo, “The Postman.” Unfortunately, that’s all she gets as Borz succumbs to the internal bleeding.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Caitlyn are called in to the CIA for a meeting with Joan about Annie and McQuaid’s extraction and the tension gets heightened when Joan informs them that the agency will be handling it themselves. Of course when things get out of control, Joan yields to Caitlyn and her “guy” out in Venezuela to help Annie and Ryan out. Though they eventually get out safely (sans Borz), there’s still something not quite right about Caitlyn and her attitude towards the situation.

Calder’s new position in the agency is causing him a bit of trepidation as we see him struggle with his need to be entrenched in the mission to get Annie out of Venezuela with Borz alive while also balancing his meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee. And though the detail of his connections in Colombia just kind of fall to the way side as the pair are still stuck in Caracas, Calder heads for the meeting that we can all assume is pretty important. Only, it seems that Calder missed that memo as he tells the members of the committee that his time was better served at the agency helping in the efforts. Although the moment was actually pretty awesome to watch, it was interesting to see how unsettled he is by his new responsibilities.

Not only are we getting more insight into his new responsibilities and how he’s adjusting but, we’re also getting a glimpse into who the mysterious woman he handed the burner phone to is. Are you ready? She’s a prostitute…who gives him good advice about how to adjust his priorities that involved a reference to Don Shula. Now take a moment to absorb how completely random this set up is. Something tells me this is going to get messy throughout the season, seeing as how this is definitely not what they meant when they told Calder to get his affairs in order. It makes sense now why he handed her the phone, though.

Through it all, Auggie’s working another aspect of the investigation using his guy who has a serious mistrust of pretty much everything, to hunt down a lead for “The Postman.” As we see him ring Auggie with a lead, there’s a camera lens pointed at the corner store he uses the pay phone from (because, sure there are still working pay phones in the world), leaving us with the feeling that Auggie’s guy is on to something if he’s on someone’s radar.

So, what did you think of the episode? Who else thinks we can’t trust Caitlyn? And what about Calder’s latest development? Any thoughts on who “The Postman” is?

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