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Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

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Covert Affairs
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth

Original Air Date: Nov 29, 2011

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Unfortunately we are down to our final 2 episodes of the season, and I have to say that this has been a wonderful season 2! Our characters have gotten more interesting and Annie has grown into a much better agent…so good that MI-6 (British Secret Service) is trying to recruit her. Say whaaat??

I find it quite funny how the show keeps stressing how nobody within the Agency know exactly what it is that Jai or his division actually does, but this week he actually tries something only for it to be a major mistake. Let’s get started….

I didn’t really find Annie’s story very interesting this week. I will say that I felt Annie was relating to Kenneth Martin, in a very strong way. They are very much alike in the way of being working class spies, not the typical recruiting type that the government likes to hire. They go a lot on instinct, but what bothered me in this episode is that Annie didn’t want to go on her instincts, she knew something was a bit ‘off’ with the suspect but didn’t really want to act on it, until Ken convinced her.

Finally, toward the end of the episode Annie tells Ken that she is CIA…Bugger! is his reaction. This is my new favorite word. In the end Kenneth is actually made a field officer and asks Annie if it is worth it, this is Annie’s favorite question that she has asked throughout both seasons. She replies “yes”. Maybe she should tell him to ask for a gun, I know she sure could have used one in this ep. Her luck is running thin.

Back at home, Annie is dealing with a very whiny Danielle, and I guess I just wish she was more like her sister. I just wish Danielle was a more independent, stronger female role. I guess we can’t have all the women on the show that way, huh? Michael has been out of town for a while and Danielle is stressed with being with the kids by herself. I was wondering where the heck he has been. What, no Breyer’s ice-cream this week?

What can I say about Jai? I am so confused on this character, I don’t know whether to hate him or kick his butt to Russia. For a son that hates his father as much as he does, why on earth would he agree to go golfing with his father?

Good ol Daddy Wilcox throws Jai a bone, that bone being an operation that Arthur turned down from Agt Hadley. Jai approaches Hadley and wants to resurrect Operation Ministry and feels that it will better both of their careers and his office. But soon things go very wrong and Arthur shows Jai a picture of Hadley captured in Bolivia. Arthur tells him there was a reason why he turned down the operation and now Jai sees it too. Jai…you have much to learn my son and when you can snatch the pebble from my hand…oops, wrong story.

The big surprise for Jai is that while he is sweating bullets trying to fix the problem, he gets congratulated on a well done rescue mission. Arthur got things done but let Jai take the credit. Jai wonders why he would save Jai’s reputation and I love Arthurs answer: You are management now, it’s about real lives, not politics.

Most of you know that I am a huge fan of Chris Gorham, and if you watched this episode I hope you now understand why. His storyline did not take up a huge amount of time in the show, which I wish it did, but his skills were on the mark. The scene in which Auggie and Parker were packing was heartbreaking. Both actors showed such emotion that you couldn’t help but want them to stay together. But I purposely watched Gorham and his eyes never made the mistake of showing the audience that he was anything but blind. Mr. Gorham, your hard work has definitely paid off!

Auggie and Parker tried to say that Africa is not that far and 2 years is not a long time, but in fact they know it is a very long time and a very faraway place and they wish she didn’t have to go. He ALMOST came to tears as he told her he will miss her and left you wanting to hug him (and her).

Some of my favorite moments:
Annie’s smile as Auggie tells her “Nice work Walker” over the phone.

Auggie’s look at Annie, when she says she found Kenneth “interesting”.

And finally…the Auggie/Parker scene in the livingroom.

What did you think of the episode? Were you liking Annie’s story or bored like me? What about Jai, good or bad? Do you think Parker will really go or change her mind and come back? How will Auggie be with her gone? Leave me your thoughts.

Next week is the finale; I know…it is sad to see it end. The title of the episode is “Letter Never Sent” and it is going to set the tone for next season so make sure you don’t miss it. I have seen it and trust me, there is lots going on and you will not be disappointed!

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