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The Crazy Ones – Recap & Review – The Intern

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Crazy Ones
The Intern

Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Tonight features Ashley Tilsdale as a bratty intern and the show’s brief interlude into love triangle territory. I guess they celebrate the holidays by gifting memories of soap operas cancelled in recent years. (If said soap operas were funny.)

Simon announces that a new intern is coming to work for the company. The girl is the daughter of an important client. Sydney’s sensitive to the idea of someone being judged by a well-to-do dad, but it’s pretty clear this newcomer might deserve the judgment.

Lauren and Zach are sleeping together again, something we really don’t get enough time to consider the repercussions of. Kelsey arrives almost immediately, already more obsessed with her texts than her job. Even so, when she makes a comment to another client, they’re interested in her opinions, and Simon gives her a shot. She does give them her opinion. Unfortunately, her opinion is all about herself and her situation with her roommate.

At first, the Lauren/Zack thing isn’t too big a deal. She’s replaced a romantic relationship with him with a platonic one with Andrew. Except he just broke up with Nancy and might not know it’s platonic. Sydney warns her against leading him on. Later, she finally looses her temper with Kelsey when she suggests her dad just gave her a job. Only after screaming about how different they both are does she remember just who Kelsey’s father is.

Once Lauren tracks Kelsey down to a frat party, Simon, Sydney, and Andrew (who’s kind of getting a big head about Lauren and him) go to persuade her not to tell her father what happened. Somehow, this involves beer pong- Simon playing while Sydney drinks. He’s terrible and she’s soon plastered, but still manages to sway Kelsey by telling her they’ll help her win her fight with her roommate- before stumbling away to throw up.

The gang spends about five seconds debating how to help Kelsey before we get back into something that might or might not quality as drama. See, Lauren’s started sleeping with Zack again. She gets a physical relationship from him and an emotional one from Andrew. Sydney warns her they’ll find out eventually, and “eventually” comes that night. They both break up with her, but really bicker more with eachother.

The next day, all seems well, and everyone unites to convince Kelsey’s roommate to take the smaller room in their apartment. But the two start fighting and are physically pulled apart just when Kelsey’s father shows up. But it turns out he’s not wrapped around his daughter’s little finger. He appreciates them being real with her. Also, Lauren may be responsible for Kelsey and Andrew having a one night stand. This episode is just weird.

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