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The Crazy Ones – Recap & Review – Zach Mitzvah

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Crazy Ones
Zach Mitzvah

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2014

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Simon has his whole crew at work recruiting a new client- on one hand, her hotels are small, but on the other, she owns a chain of them and is looking at other clients, not only for her advertising spots, but also for a MC for her son’s upcoming bar mitzvah.

This leads to the revelation of a secret (one Andrew takes in with glee). Zach used to be one heck of a MC. There’s just one problem- rather, one specific girl- though nobody else seems to realize just how much how much of a problem she could actually end up being.

Simon and Zach launch a full on schmoozing session with the mom, but Sydney’s none too happy about having to host a bar mitzvah on their property- at least until she realizes how much money it could bring in. Sure enough, things get off to a great start. Zach is very enthusiastic- perhaps a bit too much so for young Noah’s aunt- and Sydney and Andrew are having fun taking selfies.

The fun is interrupted when Sydney spies a guy across the dance floor and flirts with him only to realize he’s a waiter. (Come on, Syd. I mean, yes, he’s terrible at his job, but still) At least Noah’s mom is thrilled with everything Simon and Zach have come up to offer her. And then Zach sees the singer on stage- the only girl who ever broke his heart. Andrew gives him a pep talk, and for a moment, things look up. And I do mean “a moment”.

Lauren and Andrew soon find themselves calling out Sydney with the help of the waiter, Owen. She decides to do his job herself, Simon tries to cheer up a disappointed Noah, and Zach…finds himself face to face with Zoey. It does not go well. In the middle of the third horah to distract everyone from the awkwardness, he demands an answer from his former beau, and learns she never loved him.

Simon takes over the proceedings in a way Noah, at least, finds intriguing. Zach is wallowing in depression, but comes back to himself when he realizes that Noah hasn’t enjoyed almost anything about his own bar mitzvah. What the kid really wants to do is sing “All That Jazz”, because he loves Chicago, the musical. Everyone is happy, including Sydney, who might make a go of it with Owen after all.

Next Week: Heavy Meddling

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