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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Assistance is Futile

Criminal Minds
Assistance is Futile

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Reid is still is prison and nothing is right with the world. For now, he’s relatively secure in his own cell- but try telling that to another former cop inmate, now sporting a nasty black eye. JJ comes to visit- but she comes bring bad news His additional drug tests have come back negative, probably because he’d already metabolized them. Oh, and there’s a case, of course- with an unsub known as the “Bone Crusher”. Let’s just say he got the name for a reason. And, of all people, his mother is coming forward with information.

At least, she’s telling them team her son is this killer. She’s based this decision off journals and what was left behind in the basement where he used to live- a mass mural celebrating bone mutilation. We see a bit more of JJ and Reid, including a heartbreakingly bittersweet scene where she shows him a photo Henry drew, and then it’s back to the team talking to Miranda. Once, when she broke her arm, Danny just stood over her and laughed. He may even have pushed her off a ladder. And now he has a new victim, strapped to a chair with her fingers broken.

Reid watches other inmates threaten the former cop and panics, thinking they’ll attack him. Shaw tells him to let it go- they won’t really kill him. But JJ and Garcia both know Reid’s not the kind of person who can forgot. He can’t stay in prison. The rest of the team continues to develop their profile. Like with so many other unsubs, Daniel’s just going to keep escalating. Miranda is concerned for his latest victim. She talks at length about his past, including the departure of his father. She mentions that her son was always awkward, which doesn’t fit with his current manipulative skills.

His confidence comes at least partially from drugs, which he downs before approaching a couple young women and kidnapping one. Reid eats lunch with Shaw, where he learns that the bullied inmate is now in the infirmary and will likely be attacked again. Trying to play it cool, he mentions what happened to the guard. Calvin is not happy. He warns Reid off this behavior and walks away. Garcia (and JJ, who stayed behind visiting Reid) sends the team the name of another early possible victim. She’s also able to track Miranda when she goes missing.

Miranda has just retreated to her home, where she mulls over why her son has turned out the way she has- and admits that she once gave him ecstasy in an attempt to treat previous problems. He killed that first victim while high and became addicted to feeling. After becoming impotent, rage was added into the equation. A group that hosts parties in abandoned buildings leads to where Danny is currently, and his newest victim is saved- but he jumps off the roof. Later, JJ leave Henry’s drawing on Reid’s desk. She talks to Rossi, who has hung a W in his room celebrating the Chicago Cubs’ word series win. He equates it to how they’re going to save Reid eventually. But hope can’t save Reid from being attacked again, this time without Shaw to save him. We cut to black as he’s jumped, and this is going to be a long week.

Next Episode: In the Dark

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