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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Blue Angel

Criminal Minds
Blue Angel

Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

It’s been two episodes since we lost Stephen Walker, and while I’ve made my peace with his death, I still hold a grudge about how Damon Gupton was treated. We barely ever got to know his character. There are signs, though, that we might avoid the same issue with Daniel Henney’s Matt Simmons. Signs like him taking a central role in this episode. Of course, nobody gets out of a character-centered episode completely unscathed, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Our unsub of the week is torturing, emasculating (you don’t need the non-technical term) and killing men in Detroit. The captain there, an old friend of Matt’s, received videos of everything that happened. A conversation with a wife of one of the victims suggest that they both may have been having affairs, or at least seeking out sex online. The men were involved with a woman named “Dasha”, the last person to see them alive. But the team has no hints as to her location, and another man is being tortured as they speak.

Eventually, the location of the website Dasha, AKA Kimberly, was working off is tracked down- to a college sorority house, for some reason. The girls there, swearing they aren’t pimps, lead Emily and Simmons to Kimberly herself, and they learn she knows all the victims, including the man who has just turned up. While the rest of the team keeps working, Matt stays behind to act as her bodyguard. Kimberly flirts with him, to no avail. The others talk to Kimberly’s mother and get closer to finding the unsub’s shed, which he quickly burns down.

The charred remains help to shape the killer’s identity and reveal a human skull, this one belonging to a woman. Kimberly and her mother are both hiding some secrets about the rest of their family, all of whom are supposed to be dead, but by the time we learn about them, the women are attacked in their homes. There are a whole lot of family ties here, but it boils down to this: Kimberly’s “mother” is really her aunt, Janel, and the killer is her father. He holds them in his daughter’s old room, having murdered the officer sent to replace Simmons in guard duty.

The unsub, Gabriel, apparently believes both that everything he’s done is protecting Kimberly and that she’ll be appreciative of it. Yes, it sounds just as bad in context. Kimberly is stunned by the truth about her family, and Gabriel shows his “love” in terrifying ways. But Janel stabs him in the back, allowing Kimberly to escape. Only minorly hurt, Gabriel attacks Matt, but the latter is quickly able to get the upper hand. Kimberly thanks him, and he returns to his wife and kids with just a few bruises. It’s sweet and happy and I just hope the writers don’t decide to do worse to him later in the season. We’ve had enough pain to last the entire series.

Note: “Killer App” was originally scheduled to air tonight, but was moved back a week due the episode’s content in relation to the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Next week on Criminal Minds: “Killer App”

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