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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – The Bunker

Criminal Minds
The Bunker

Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

After an emotional week last case, Garcia is ready to try new things- specifically a new place to life. It’s sudden, yes, but her neighbor has, um, interesting hobbies. While the gang jokes about all the stuff she’ll need to move, a new case comes as a woman is abducted trying to get into her car. She wakes in a strange room where she’s seemingly been cared for. This does not comfort her in the slightest and when two smiling strangers enter, she makes a break for it- only to find locked chambers and men in hazmat suits.

Allie, a chef, is one in a string of accomplished young women who’ve been kidnapped. She is re-approached by her two new “friends”, who promise they aren’t they to hurt her. (It’ still not comforting.) JJ is approached by the sister of another victim, Chrissy, from five years ago; one who doesn’t yet seem to fit the pattern. But Garcia realizes she was part of a previous pattern. Pregnant teenage runaways were taken several years before. Our unsub is establishing an underground society, and Allie, still resisting, might not fit in.

It’s not her body that turns up later that day, however, but that of Roberta, another woman, who supposedly committed suicide. Lawrence is the leader of this, um, movement, and Irene is his second in command. Irwin takes Paige, another doctor, in broad daylight, apparently hoping to replace Roberta. JJ talks to Chrissy’s sister again as Reid starts to connect Lawrence’s mission to the Doomsday Clock. He’s establishing a cult to repopulate the Earth after the apocalypse. And frankly, his video of nuclear devastation would have been a lot easier to shove in the “insane” category prior to recent events.

Allie and Paige try to persuade the others that the world has not ended, but they’ve been fully brainwashed. They decide instead to try and force Irene to lead them to freedom. The team identifies Lawrence and attempts to track down his current location, finding Irene in the process. She owned some land upon which JJ and Reid find the entrance to the underground facility. As intruder alarms blare, Lawrence calmly tells Allie and Paige to “do what they want” with Irene, who they have at knifepoint, while he moves the others to something called “level two”.

Reid and JJ soon find themselves in the same room Allie was once trapped in. Shortly after, both Allie, Page, and Irene, and Lawrence and his believers stumble upon them. By sharing what they know, they quickly sow doubt in the cult and turn it against its leader. Lawrence and Irene are arrested as Allie, Page, and a group of woman and children who thought the world had been left in ruins are brought up into the sunlight. As they head home, the team speculates how they’d spend they’d their last day if the world ever really did end. Because, you know, current events. Cheers?

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