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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Green Light

Criminal Minds
Green Light

Original Air Date: May 3, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Locked in prison on false charges, wrongly put in gen pop, assaulted, forced to watch a friend die, pushed to once unthinkable lengths…you’d think at some point, this storyline would offer Dr. Reid just the slimmest of silver linings. But no, now his mother has been kidnapped- by Lindsey Vaughn of all people And that’s just the beginning. This is where everything we’ve seen so far gets ratcheted up to ten- with the emotional turmoil to match.

Emily found out about Diana when she and Fiona went to visit Reid in prison. She had trouble believing something so random, which drove Spencer’s already frenzied nerves to the breaking point. Even with her doubts, she follows the lead, sending JJ and Walker to Reid’s empty apartment. Soon, footage backs up his story. Everyone pitches in all the resources they have. But then Shaw spills that Reid is a fed- and things are bound to hit the fan very soon. Now, they only get worse, with Cassie found dead in Reid’s apartment.

Luke leans (heavily) on an old friend from witness protection who might be able to track down Lindsey. Emily goes to tell Reid all of these developments. He can’t do much other than beg her, again, to find Diana. He’ll stay trapped in genpop as the team continues to follow leads. Specifically Lindsey’s father, Jack, whose gun she is using. Desperation to free Reid from his current circumstances grows, but he has a plan of his own- using a homemade shiv to stab himself just as Shaw approaches him. It’s enough to get him put in solitary confinement.

Fun fact: Lindsey is already a contract killer. Mr. Scratch is just using her now to attack Reid as well. Another fun fact: Emily takes the news about Reid’s actions worryingly well. Garcia does not, threatening to quit if Reid is killed. As night falls, the whole team digs in to find any tips they can to help their colleague’s case. Finally, they start to make progress, while Reid gets perhaps the first sleep he’s had in ages, at least until Shaw threatens him yet again. The next morning, Emily presents her case to the judge- and finally, FINALLY, Reid is set free from prison. Also, Luke sends Shaw packing in a truly epic way.

Emily thanks the judge and leads the team, including Spencer, off to find Diana. He pages through a scrapbook, looking for clues. The rest of the team follows them out to an old house, where video leads them to…Cat Adams, who has been acting as Mr. Scratch this entire time. Reid and JJ go to talk to her. Or, at least, Reid goes to talk to her with JJ there for support- something everyone knows could backfire severely. But Emily isn’t backing down and neither is Reid. Cat Adams is now the true key to all of this, and to getting Diana back. Nothing is going to stop him.

Next Episode: Red Light

  • ThePelvicWoo

    Correction – Cassie is found dead in Linsday’s apt next to reid’s apt

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