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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Hell’s Kitchen

Criminal Minds
Hell’s Kitchen

Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

After the brutal death of a friend and fellow inmate last week, Reid’s mental state is slowly deteriorating. But perhaps (hopefully) not quite as much as they man who has smuggled a girl down into the sewers to celebrate her birthdate. Especially considering he already killed two others down there in cases long cold. At least Reid is still getting visits, this time from Rossi, who has been holding himself back out of guilt for not being able to fix the situation.

Reid tells Rossi he’s been keeping a journal, though it doesn’t do much good in his current setting. He refuses to lose what’s left of himself, though. Before they can say more, they’re interrupted by a lockdown. Drugs have been located in several cells. You may recall that little situation Reid was threatened with before. In New York city, the team discusses similarities between the case and the earlier ones. They’re related and, well, slightly unique- our unsub fancies himself a vampire. And drinking the blood of his victims seems to be helping him somehow.

JJ and Walker talk to the girl’s parents, but don’t get much in the way of new information. They have no idea that the creepy man holding their daughter has killed before, or that she is currently being held by a man who has her hooked up to a blood draw. On the bright side, he gives her orange juice. On the less bright side, he rambles about dead people. And so she attempts an escape, but the manhole cover won’t move and nobody hears her yelling. Also, Reid talks with Shaw about any influence the man may have had in Luis’s death. While he didn’t exactly order a murder, we can’t say his hands are clean.

Rossi gives Prentiss a status update, despite there being little good news to tell. Reid meets Malcolm, who immediately starts to try and pull him into the smuggling plot. Meanwhile, our unsub gets more complicated. He doesn’t want our girl escaping, but he’s afraid she’ll get hurt. And he gives her a favorite food. He also may have taken her when she was trying to visit her father in Hell’s Kitchen (something the mother blames the father for). He now believes fate brought them together- and gives her a chance to test that by running for freedom.

As they play chess, Reid asks Shaw about Malcolm- and he denies knowing anything. Reid doesn’t buy it, and he’s not going to help in the drug plot. Knowing Calvin’s power, we’re turning against him fast. And yet we can’t be sure yet that Reid has made up his mind. He’s going through quite the moral dilemma over what is right. The team continues to investigate, and Garcia searches for medical conditions that could be aided by a, um, non-traditional transfusion. Soon, they’re following their suspect into the sewers. And JJ finds Katie. But Walker, connected only by radio, is knocked unconscious.

He wakes along and retrieves his gun. But sewer man is watching and talking to him. Eventually, he fires his gun toward what he can hear of the threat- and kills our strange vampire. Oh, and then we go back to Reid, where- well, I have no idea what his decision was involving the drugs. But we do know he didn’t take them himself, and that is a very a good thing, because they start having drastic effects on like half the other people in prison. But what in the world does this mean for Reid’s future- and for his ability to eventually recover?

Next Episode: True North

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