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Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Into The Woods

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Criminal Minds
Into The Woods

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2010

JD – Staff Writer

Okay, so I’m not really a nature person. There are perfectly good roads to get me where I want to go without hiking through the wilderness. I imagine central heating is a more effective way to stay warm than a camp fire. There is a reason we, as humans, stopped living out in the elements, started building sturdy shelter, and eventually created the mattress. I will never understand the enjoyment people get from camping.

Also, there are bugs out there. How does that not bother people?

Anyway, being that I am not the camping sort, I really don’t know what the correct thing to do when encountering a bear in the woods is. I somehow think that just standing there, pointing a flashlight at it and watching it eat from a relatively close perspective, then going to inspect its food immediately after it walks away is a bad plan. But what do I know? It gets us to our case, whether it’s proper procedure or not, since our bear was eating the bones of a child that had gone missing a while ago in the woods.

The kid went missing on a camping trip with his dad when he got up to go to the bathroom at night (outside… not even a port-o-potty… reason #73 I won’t camp). While Hotch talks to the dad, Rossi and Reid are trying to figure out why this unsub keeps the kids he takes for months, when most child offenders get rid of them quickly. They get Garcia to check into missing kids on the Appalachian Trail for the last five years.

In the woods, Prentiss and Morgan find another kid buried who matches a description of another child who went missing, and the team discovers that he had also been taken in the fall and discarded in the winter. “Like he’s hibernating with them,” Morgan says. Reid has also found a pattern of abductions along the trail that he believes can be attributed to the unsub. It goes back over ten years, and while the unsub used to walk the whole trail, over the last few years he’s stayed in one 30 mile radius. Reid thinks maybe he might have been slowed down by injury or old age.

Meanwhile, a little girl and her older brother (Anna and Robert) wander away from their campsite to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and guess what happens. Hello unsub, bye bye children, cue the search team. The immediate concern at the moment is that girls aren’t the unsub’s type. How long is he going to keep Anna alive?

But our grisly unsub hasn’t killed Anna yet. Instead he has the kids locked in some sort of cage, lined with toys from other children he must have taken. Okay, guys, this creeped me out. Seriously. Not just the toys, but when the unsub comes and takes Robert away. We don’t see what happens (thank God), but there’s no question that Robert has been raped by the way he looks when he comes back.

He makes his sister promise him she’ll run when the unsub comes for her again. But apparently he decided not to wait that long. They ask to go to the bathroom, and when Robert trips (I can decide if that was planned or dumb luck–what do you guys think?), he manages to take the unsub down. Anna runs, and when the unsub chases her, Robert runs after him, keeping him back just enough that his sister can get free.

Anna runs into the search team, while our unsub is trying to get out of the woods with Robert… who catches a glimpse of safety, a glimpse of the search team, and then gets a chilling warning from the unsub. “No matter how bad things get, they can get worse.”

Yikes! This is the first episode that has really creeped me out in a long time. Can I just say that the kids playing Anna and Robert were brilliant! Especially Robert. I loved that he was strong for his sister, and that he wanted to get her out of there before the unsub did anything terrible to her like he’d done to him. When he came back, and was crying (but doing that brave guy crying where they try to act like they’re not hurt) and telling his sister to run and never look back, I got chills.

And I got chills at the warning the unsub gave Robert. And I got chills when the unsub offered Robert to the drug dealer as payment. And then the unsub gets away!?!?!?! Chills again. Creeepy episode. I loved it. And it was great that they left it open ended. We get so used to seeing the BAU team solve everything. It’s nice to see they can’t do everything. Well, I’m not sure nice is the right word.

I wonder if we’re going to see that unsub again. I’m not sure how, really, but it’s possible. What do you guys think?

Oh, and I’m adding this episode to my list of reasons never to camp.

So what did you guys think? Give me your two cents!

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