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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Red Light

Criminal Minds
Red Light

Original Air Date: May 10, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

After a few long, long months, Spencer Reid is finally out of prison. But he’s most certainly not out of the woods. Cat Adams and Lindsay Vaguhn- not Mr. Scratch- took his mother after masterminding everything that’s happened to him. Now has has to get her back, which means going toe to toe with the woman he sent to prison. Oh, and about Mr. Scratch. We’re not actually done with him, either. Because that would just be too easy.

Reid charges in to take Cat on, and she meets him in full on fantasy land. No, really, she leads him into an actual fantasy world to play games with him that are every bit as creepy as you’d imagine. She challenges him to uncover a secret she knows about him- one he’ll never admit to. The rest of the team (minus JJ, still protecting Reid) tries to figure out just why Cat and Lindsay would do all this- and do it together. While we have the former, the latter is still on the run with Diana- and Emily is going to throw her job on the line again by sending out an Amber Alert in Lindsay’s name to find her.

Cat and Lindsay are both capable of far more than we’ve ever realized. Lindsay’s made a trip to a gun shop, and Cat has multiple prison guards on her side. Still, Reid isn’t afraid to play with her, and manipulates her as well as she manipulates him. Lewis and Walker go to the owner of that gun store, and learn several things- including that the two ladies are in a relationship of the romantic variety. Which could potentially be awkward, since Cat says she’s pregnant, and that the baby is Reid’s. (My reaction is mundane because I honestly don’t have an appropriate one.)

So, according to Cat, she had Lindsay pretend to be Maeve (yes, that Maeve) while Reid was drugged. Whether this is true or not, she sure makes it seem believable. Lewis and Walker present their news to considerable shock. JJ presents hers to even more. But Emily is interrupted by the Amber Alert. Lindsay is too, as is the man standing next to her at a gas station- so he’s basically instantly dead. Reid frustrates Cat to the point that she offers proof Diana is alive- and then makes him think Lindsay has killed her. He attacks Cat, and may well have killed without JJ there to pull him off.

Reid is left in shock about his own actions, both now and in the prison, but JJ reminds him of his own strength. That’s enough to give him everything he needs, and put the game in his favor. He gets Cat to say she made his experience even more miserable than it had to be. You won’t be surprised to learn that one guard was heavily involved. Oh, he’s very dead, too. Sad, what with him being the real father of the baby. Sad also, that Lindsay didn’t know. And when Reid figures out Cat’s secret (that the two of them “deserve eachother), but she still orders Diana killed, Lindsay is too betrayed to follow through. And so Diana goes free. Cat tries one last time to get to Reid, but he’s no longer having any of it.

In the wake of a beautiful- and still heartwrenching- reunion between mother and son, we have one more familiar face left to see. That would be one Derek Morgan. Because oh, by the way, Mr. Scratch is still a thing. And sadly, Reid can’t be there to see his big brother. But everyone else, including Garcia, is overjoyed. Unfortunately, a fake text means they’re going right back into the game. We at least get some wonderful moments between our Chocolate Thunder and Baby Girl, and the promise Morgan and Reid will get their reunion, too. But we don’t get to see that. What we do get to see is a cliffhanger involving ol’ Scratch and leaving the fates of all agents except Garcia and Reid up in the air.

Now, I’m far more exasperated than worried. I give a 95% chance everyone will live. But am I ever glad we’re getting a season 13. If that we’re how this show left off after more than a decade, heads would roll. For now, well, I guess I’ll see you all in a few months. (At least Reid will finally be spending these ones as a free man.)

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