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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – Spencer

Criminal Minds

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

If you pay even the slightest attention to spoilers, you’ve probably known about this episode title for a while. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been quietly panicking this entire time. We know what happens in episodes named after characters. While we’ve been assured Reid will be okay in the end, what seems to be coming is going to be a roller coaster for the whole team. And, if the reaction the promo that aired last week is anything to go by, that goes double for the fans.

We open on a car chase in Mexico- involving police vehicles, a car, and a truck. The car seems to be following the truck, with the police chasing both. But when they go off road, the truck flees and the authorities basically ignore it. Instead, they surround the car, guns raised, and force the person inside out and onto the ground. The trunk of the car is filled with cash and drugs, which we’re meant to assume belong to its occupant- Spencer Reid. Of course, we all knew that was coming, but it’s still a jarring sight.

A shell-shocked and near unresponsive Reid has his photo taken in prison. He’s put into a cell with another man, and his reactions to his surroundings heavily suggest he’s been drugged. He can’t remember much- only foggy details about meeting a woman to help his mother. Several minutes in, the Mexican police figure out he’s with the FBI. And soon after that, the team gets the news. Immediately, they know the real culprit is Mr. Scratch.

As Luke, Emily, and Rossi head across the border, the drug charges are discussed- and with them, the first mention we’ve gotten of what happened with Reid and Tobias Hankel in a very long time. As he is tested, Spencer has flashbacks to being held over ten years ago. When left alone, he wanders around an empty cell, now reflecting on memories from his childhood. Meanwhile, JJ, Garcia, Walker, and Tara figure out that Reid’s mom is the one thing that would make him this desperate.

Finally, the team in Mexico meets Reid at his cell. He’s still out of it enough that he barely recognizes
Luke and the name “Mr. Scratch” doesn’t register at all. Luckily, he wrote down Rosa’s full name- Rosa Medina- on his arm. That name is fake, but is an anagram for her real name- Nadie Ramos. Her last point of contact was a random hotel. It’s bad enough when she appears to be missing, but it’s about to get a lot worse- she’s not missing, she’s been murdered- found stabbed to death. Did I mention that awful cut on Reid’s hand?

The authorities who think Reid is guilty of drug charges now also think he’s guilty of murder. The team, of course, doesn’t even consider it. JJ and Garcia are distraught, both over what Reid is going through and over he Reid hid from them. He himself, already dealing with this new revelation, is barely fit for a cognitive interview, but it’s their only choice. He tells Emiy about the medicine he was giving Diana, and about the fact he was meeting Rosa to get them. Then, finally, more details come back, including the attack. But by that point, Reid is officially charged.
Needless to say, things are not looking good. Worse, Reid could be transferred to a far worse prison than the one he’s in now. His flashbacks continue, this time of his most recent interactions with his mom. But here, we finally get some good news- members of the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders team show up to help, with news that the vials he was giving his mother had nothing illegal in them. Also, Rosa was an American citizen, which should allow for him to be extradited. But instead, the authorities come to take him away.

Thankfully, the extradition is confirmed at the last moment. Reid is taken from the prison- and Emily lies about having recorded the interview with him to protect him. He’s taken home on the BAU jet, but once he lands, he’s going back to federal prison. At least it’s proven that someone else was at the crime scene- and Reid gets to spend an all-too-brief moment with the rest of the team. But as he’s taken away again, we learn he can’t be represented by the FBI’s official lawyers. This is all just getting started, and I’m not going to be able to handle any of it.

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