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Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – The Bittersweet Science

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Criminal Minds
The Bittersweet Science

Original Air Date: Dec 14, 2011

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

No parent should ever survive their kids. The reality is that it happens. There is nothing we can do to change that, as horrible as it is. A boxer from Philly, Jimmy, looses it when his son is loosing his battle to cancer. One he has been fighting for years. He deals with his emotions and pain by beating people up, who, in his eyes, deserve it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a passerby or his coach – who apparently made bets against him for as long as he had been coaching him. In all honesty, it was actually surprising that not more people were brutally killed.

I wasn’t too impressed with the case this episode. I don’t know how to explain it but it seemed messy. Sure the unsub had a lot going on and of course he was a fighter but to just randomly beat people to a pulp seemed a bit too easy.

All the clues seemed to present themselves to the team in this episode. JJ and Morgan are at the first crime scene – in an alleyway trying to figure out what happened when Morgan looks up and sees the sign on the side of the building, the ER. There is hardly any profiling and in the end their fighter had already been beaten down by another cage-fighter and all Hotch and Reid had to do was slap their cuffs on him and attach them to his hospital bed.

And then there was Garcia who gives three possible places where fights take place that night. She just kind of missed the fact that one of the fights was for women? Hard to believe, but yes apparently she did. The oracle of all knowledge makes mistakes.

No, the case this week was not impressive at all.

But oh Garcia! That girl was on a roll tonight, apart from that minor slip up! She was awesome, especially when she was talking about Hotch and his potential date while they were on the plane. ”Venus has aligned with mars, which means love is in the air, and maybe we will get weekends off.” I mean, really where could Hotch go might flight on a small jetstream? Of course he walked back in on the conversation.Garcia’s comeback; “Hello … someone talk about the case.”

But what was even better was the way she answered her phone when Morgan called; “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Garcia’s gonna find, what only her screens can see.”  That was a teeny tiny bit of Morgan/Garcia banter which we all love so much.

I really liked that they mixed things up a little this time. Morgan and JJ, Emily and Rossi and Hotch and Reid were teamed up with each other. I liked that a lot. I mean I get that it is important that these agents have each others back but they have been working together for so long that it shouldn’t really matter who’s paired with who, right?

On my twitter and tumblr I have been hearing all about fans who don’t like the fact that Hotch is having a love interest this season, especially the fact that the love interest isn’t a certain Special Agent who was believed to be dead. Yes, a lot of people I know hoped that Emily Prentiss would finally be able to find love in the arms of her boss when she returned from Paris. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to start a shipwar but so far – and really we haven’t seen much – I like Beth. But really who can not like that woman, she’s seems really sweet and interested in Hotch and she has a good sense of humor. I know we’ve only seen a glimpse of her. But I liked what I saw, she certainly made a good first impression on me which is a whole lot more than I could ever say about Will. Beth made Hotch smile, that magic Hotch smile that we don’t see all that often. Besides that, Hotch deserves to have something good in his life. I am with Rossi on this – Haley surely wouldn’t want him to stay alone and bittered for the rest of his life. He needs to find happiness, a place in his life where he can be himself, not SSA Hotchner Unit Chief of the BAU.

So are you one of the disappointed Hotly shippers or do you agree with me and should Hotch definitively chase this woman? (Still not trying to start a shipwar but I am genuinely interested in other people’s point of views)


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