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Criminal Minds – Recap & Review – Today I Do

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Criminal Minds
Today I Do

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2011

JD – Sr. Staff Writer

I deserve to be happy and successful. I am worthy of love. I am the author of my own fate. I am my own unique self. I am at peace. Ummm… The early bird gets the worm. The pen is mightier than the sword. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood…??

Affirmations. Do they work? Some think so. Do they make sense? Usually, yes. Can someone please explain to me how “Today I do; tomorrow I will” makes sense, though? Maybe I’m a little dim. Maybe it’s more simple than I’m giving it credit for. Or maybe I’m just beyond help. Anyway, there’s the source of this week’s episode title. What do you want to bet someone in this episode has self-esteem issues?

Again, we start the episode with More Prentiss Drama. Lauren Reynolds died in a car accident. An old friend of Prentiss’ reminds her of this at the beginning of the episode. Okay, got it. But who is Lauren Reynolds? Prentiss is. Or was, back when she was connected to Ian Doyle (AKA Creepy Guy Who Wants To Hurt Prentiss). Whatever. Anyway, Prentiss tells her old friend to watch her back, and then we’re back to the regular BAU Drama.

I’m finding it difficult to care about all this Prentiss stuff, especially now that it’s come to light that Prentiss (Spoiler alert–skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know) isn’t going to be killed, and the story line will be left open until Paget Brewster makes her decision about coming back in season seven. I have to admit that I kind of love that Paget is letting CBS hang in suspense.

Back to the episode. Molly Grandin is missing and has been for the last 24 hours. Her car was found abandoned with a bag packed for a weekend trip still inside. Not too long ago, another girl washed up in a lake, same age, same circumstances, etc. etc.. She was stabbed to death, her hands and feet “smashed”. Smashed. Yes, smashed. Excuse me while I cringe. Just that word choice alone…

So the girls are a lot alike. Both of them small, blue collar backgrounds, and have had trouble in college. The team thinks maybe the unsub is someone who works at the school, and based on the bags left in their cars, they think the unsub has been dating them.

By the time the team touches down, Molly’s ex (we’ll call him Scumbag Numero Uno. Scumbago? Okay, just Scumbag) is already at the police station. He fishes in the lake the previous victim was found, and oh yeah, beat Molly up regularly. Last time he beat her up, she seemed to change. She started dressing differently, and going out. A broken jaw is a good wake up call, I think. Or was that really the reason? I doubt it.

While Morgan and Reid head to the lake to talk out the details, Prentiss goes to Molly’s apartment. Conveniently, just as Morgan and Reid decide their unsub must be a woman, based on the “classic water burial” disposal of the last body, Prentiss discovers a woman had been living in Molly’s apartment with her. Oooh, I LOVE female unsubs!

Of course, the team is right in their suspicions, and Molly’s “friend” has Molly tied to a chair so they can have a girls night. Because that’s normal. Then Molly manages to upset Crazy Chick, and what happens?

Dear Molly,

Say goodbye to your leg.

Love, JD

And so it goes.

You know, I don’t really feel like I have much to say about this episode. Like I said, I love the episodes with female unsubs, and especially when they aren’t just the submissive partner in a male/female team. And this Crazy Chick was pretty spot on. She creeped me out, the way her face would just change from smiles to plain evil. I feel like I’ve seen the actress before, too, but checking out her IMDb page, nothing’s ringing a bell. Huh.

There were some little details I enjoyed, like Reid having read twenty-two self help books in less than a day, but I am getting a little tired of Seaver’s “I know how kids in bad situations feel” thing. We get it. You’re the daughter of a serial killer. Your childhood was messed up. Seriously, I like Seaver, but it seems like the writers are making her a one trick pony. Kinda sucks.

Anyway, I liked the episode. What about you guys? Give me your two cents!

(Oh, and I would ask what you all thought of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior if you watched it, but Angelique will be covering it here at The Two Cents. Liked it? Loved it? Hated it? Head over to her review and let her know.)

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