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Criminal Minds– Recap & Review – True North

Criminal Minds
True North

Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

When we cut off last week, with inmates dropping to the floor after taking some bad drugs, we were left in alarm about Reid’s possible connection. Nothing stands out about our doctor at first. We still have no answers for what THAT was. But his team has not forgotten him- especially when they catch wind of Scratch’s reappearance. Emily sends Tara in to act as his doctor despite the prison being on lockdown. The rest- minus Emily, who’s headed to London- are going to be dealing with a case that has bodies tied to poles in the middle of the desert.

The victims were posed at different times with shock collars around their necks. Rossi takes the lead as Tara heads in to meet Reid, though he isn’t eager to see anyone. Still, she persists with giving him a cognitive interview. The team arrives in the middle of nowhere to look for clues related to the position of the bodies. Unfortunately, there are very few hints about how these people were killed. Their main common trait is their success as students. The interview continues, and Reid remembers someone else in the room as another victim is tied up, still alive, while the unsub drapes fabric around his neck.

Soon enough, that man is dead, and Luke notices his body is facing “true north”. He also wasn’t a successful student at all. The team gives the profiles. The unsub is meeting with his mother, who is basically a completely terrible person. It’s Luke who finally figures out his aims- he’s setting his victims up in positions of times on a sundial- and that sundial is counting down. In jail, Reid finally remembers a few more details. But this isn’t the truth we were hoping to reveal. He remembers himself stabbing Rosa and charges out of the room.

Tara calls Emily to learn about her progress. Reid’s memory, she says, was a falsely constructed one. But she has faith in him being able to retain his stability and she’s going to help him do it. JJ and Walker mull over random details of the case- the shock collars and bottles of water left behind. Rossi helps, too, asking how the latest victim is connected. That last one would be a scholarship he received- and that the unsub was competing for. The water was used to mask the effect of the collar that killed them.

Our unsub has a new victim, by the way- but he’s distracted by his mother’s medical crisis. In the end, he leaves her there half dead brings the new woman, also the judge in that science fair, to sit next to her and say the decision was a mistake? Sound petty? Absolutely, but it changes quickly- when the guy first puts a flower lei around his mom’s neck, then puts her feet in water, and finally drops in an electric fan to fry her to death, much to the other poor woman’s horror. He says she’s at piece. I don’t think I’ll take his word for it.

The team figures out the judge’s involvement and tracks down the unsub based on it. He gets ready to electrocute himself while first JJ and then Luke try to talk him down. It doesn’t work, but JJ is able to shut off the electricity. Finally, Tara takes another shot at making Reid remember what happened- what really happened- in that room. The good news is that he’ll soon be back to believing he was framed. The bad news, at least potentially, is that the face he remembers isn’t Mr. Scratch, but that of a woman. What in the world?

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