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CSI:NY – Recap and Review – Unusual Suspects

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CSI: New York
Unusual Suspects

Original Air Date: May 12, 2010

Maria – TwoCents Reviewer

Another one-shot story this week but it looks to be an intense one:

Mac and Aubrey are out on a date when they come across an injured boy, he looks to have been shot. Mac sees a younger boy, his hands and t-shirt covered in blood. He’s the victim’s younger brother.

You can see the look of determination in Mac’s eyes, as well as Aubrey’s determination to help the victim in her medical capacity. I think Mac and Aubrey are going to be one of those couples where every date will turn into a crime scene. It’s dangerous to be around these two when they’re on a date, but at least if you ruin their date you know the case is going to get solved.

Lindsay, Danny and Hawkes assess the crime scene, finding a gun there as well as what appears to be a blood trail, but it isn’t blood.

Flack takes the witness, the victim’s younger brother, Sam Harris, down to the precinct. He bonds with Sam, cleans the blood off him, tries to help him ID the perpetrator and eventually gets Sam to do as successful composite sketch of the person who attacked his brother and stole his dead father’s Rolex watch.

Stella is down at the hospital, collecting trace off the victim, 14-year old Nicky who is still unconscious. She collects trace from under the Nicky’s fingernails which belongs to a man who matches the composite sketch Sam gave.

Suspect number 1 is John Cook. After some investigation, he looks guilty of a lot of things but not of shooting the kid, apparently in the back.

Sid suggests the entrance wound was actually the exit wound and vice a versa. It is possibly Nicky was shot when face-to-face with the shooter. After Adam goes all Robert DiNiro on a pig wearing a t-shirt and jacket, his test fire confirms Nicky was shot face-to-face and that the bullet would probably still be in his backpack.

There’s a cellphone in the backpack which our CSIs can handily trace. This leads them to suspect number 2: Troy Castro, A bigger fish in the criminal world. In fact he starts a shoot-out with the CSIs and a chase which leads to his death after he is graphically run down whilst trying to flee. Ouch!

Troy Castor’s gun matches the bullet found in Nicky’s backpack. Also in the backpack is money coated in red dye. The money was stolen and red dye exploded after it was taken from the bank, rendering the stolen money useless.

A trip to where the money was taken from is in order. It proves very useful and reveals that the robbery was done by Nicky, not Castro. Nicky wanted $933 exactly. Since it was an exact amount you can bet it wasn’t for selfish needs. Good guys only try to steal what they need.

With the picture mostly complete, Mac and Flack turn to Sam to tell them the truth.

Sam confesses John Cook took Nicky’s watch three days before he was shot by Troy Castro. Troy saw Nicky robbing the bank with an unloaded gun, the gun Hawkes found at the crime scene, and followed them before shooting him for the money. Sam didn’t come clean before because he didn’t want to get his brother into trouble for the robbery.

The $933 the brothers stole was for rent.

Troy is dead, the family is being helped through donations from the public and just as Aubrey and Mac go off to continue their date, Nicky wakes up. A truly happy ending.

Now, my two cents: Once I’ve gotten over the fact that the Danny and Shane Casey storyline is being ignored until the finale, I’ll be able to appreciate this episode a lot more. As it is, it’s a pretty good episode.

It’s always more emotional when a crime involves children, and to see Flack take to Sam so well was heartbreaking, he really sold it for me.

Still, I’m not too sure I like the overall message of this tale: if you’re poor try and rob a bank with an unloaded gun, get shot and you will be forgiven plus you’ll get money from the public. That is a desperate situation but there are others who are more desperate who don’t resort to such actions, they suffer in silence.

But I still did cry at the happy ending, no matter how contrived.

Did you cry at the ending? Did the graphic death of Troy Castro make you wince? Are you happy to know Taxi Driver is one of Mac’s top five favourite films of all time? Please, share your two cents and leave a comment.

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