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Dallas – Recap & Review – Playing Chicken

photo: tnt
photo: tnt
Playing Chicken

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2014

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

We may have lost an hour of sleep this past weekend, but there’s nothing like an hour of pure soapy drama to jolt you awake on a Monday! After an uneven start back in season one, the show has truly embraced all the nuances that made the series such a hit back in the 1980’s!

Tonight we had fighting, adultery, schemes, bribery, and shopping. What more could you ask of your favorite Texans?

John Ross is beginning to suffer a bit from his narcissistic ways. Because while he may strive to be like his dear ‘ol daddy, the one things he seems to be forgetting is that J.R. did not always win. J.R. was frequently caught in his cheating ways and often bested by his little brother. Bobby has the advantage of adult memories, and he aims to use them to his advantage.

John Ross brawls with Bo, Emma’s drug-dealing ranch hand, over the upcoming fracking (DRINK!). Bobby breaks the fight up, but warns his nephew not to mess with the livelihood of his workers. John Ross thinks he’s got it beat when he blackmails Bo into vouching for him with the rest of the crew. But Bobby, just like in years past, has the upper hand. He shows John Ross a Lesser Prairie Chicken, an endangered species, which he has convinced the conservation committee that it may nest at Southfork. Since that means a lengthy investigation, fracking (DRINK!) is on hold for now.

But John Ross’s issues extend past the oil fields, as it is mighty hard to juggle a wife and a step-cousin in the same house. While he and Pamela cutely make pancakes together, Emma entices from the sidelines in a skimpy red swimsuit. Sue Ellen, still convinced something is going on, confides in Anne about her worries. But Anne’s attempt to keep Emma at bay only serves to infuriate her daughter. Emma, getting more and more duplicitous, goes honeymoon lingerie shopping with Pamela. She later shows up at John Ross, to the amazement of Bum who though they’d at least be discreet. She reveals her own lingerie purchase, a slinky green number, which she keeps on as she seduces John Ross, encouraging him to commit the image to memory. Naturally, when he returns home, Pamela has the same ensemble on, and John Ross is too distracted by the image of Emma to bed his wife.

Sue Ellen, meanwhile, has worked a number on Bum. She applies a hefty dose of praise, followed by reminisces of J.R.’s cheating ways, to work a mother-approved guilt trip on the private investigator. And after witnessing John Ross’s careless actions, Bum hightails it right to Sue Ellen to confess that he lied and John Ross is indeed diddling his cousin.

Elsewhere, Bobby vows to keep Ann and Emma safe from Harris’s CIS/Cartel mess. Ann takes it one step further and confides to Harris that Emma is reckless and possibly sleeping with John Ross. Harris tries to get Judith riled up to take care of the Emma mess, but she is condescending in her agreement to get sensitive documents back from John Ross (the ones Emma stole from the safe).

Elena and Nicolas work double time to get Rhonda to recant her story placing Cliff at J.R.’s murder scene and to prove Cliff’s gun was stolen. But they’re blocked at every turn by the Ewings, as Rhonda doesn’t recant and the surveillance video from the gun range is missing. Elena is defeated, but Nicolas vows that justice will prevail. Then he confesses his feelings for Elena and the two hit the sheets.

At the same time, Christopher is in Mexico trying to find out the real story behind Nicolas. He learns from a former business associate that Nicolas didn’t exist before 1997. He’s headed home to pursue the lead when he is confronted by two thugs who strongly suggest he get into their vehicle. He’s driven to Nicolas’s compound, where he meets two young boys and Lucia Trevino (played by Angélica Celaya), Nicolas’s wife!

So what is the real deal behind Nicolas? Any guesses? Is he just a philanderer, or is there some other deep secret to be revealed. And what information will Lucia share with Christopher? And how long until John Ross’s affair is revealed? It’s lots of fun to watch, but I imagine the fallout will be EPIC!

And there you have my TwoCents! Share your comments, feedback, and TwoCents below!

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