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Dallas – Recap & Review – Revelations

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Original Air Date: Aug 8, 2012

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

It’s that time, the season finale is upon us… After ten episodes of lying, backstabbing, and secrets, how would it end? If your guess was lying, backstabbing and secrets, you’re on the right path.

But if you thought, like I did, that we’d have to wait until next summer for new episodes, tonight’s episode ended with the best news of all, as Dallas will be back in January 2013! So without further ado, let’s run down the secrets and lies that were exposed tonight!

Bobby’s health scare was short lived as the doctors were able to perform an embolization on his aneurysm. And while they worried about brain damage, I worried about Patrick Duffy’s beautiful head of hair after brain surgery. But no need for any worries, as they accessed the aneurysm through his femoral artery and protected his hair. And not only was there no brain damage, outside of his continued use of cheesy family metaphors, Bobby was well enough to go home within days!

While he was unconscious, J.R. made sure to tell his brother he loved him, since saying to a coherent brother would be too much for him. And it’s a good thing, because as soon as Bobby was conscious and home, he used his access to faux-Marta’s cloud drive to bring the hammer down on J.R. and John Ross. Because, yes, John Ross was finally held culpable for setting the whole putsch (yes, it’s a real word) in motion. Unfortunately, it came at the worst possible time for John Ross.

With his sudden burst of morality, John Ross rented the old Ewing Oil office spaces for Ewing Energies. He reflected on his youth, watching his daddy work with the same view, so he views it as the place to start his future, with respect to the Ewing legacy and Christopher. Elena is charmed by the gesture, and even more charmed by his proposal, which he basically cribbed from As Good As It Gets. Between his speech and oil-colored diamond ring, she happily accepts his proposal. Christopher learns of the engagement via the television-cliché of eyeing the ring on her finger, and he hesitantly gives his blessing.

But all that quickly blows to Hades, as faux-Marta’s cloud drive reveals all of the details and puts John Ross in the position of being vulnerable. He begs his uncle and cousin to keep his involvement from Elena, but she overhears the whole thing and walks off, removing her ring. John Ross pleads with her to forgive him, and asks her to meet him at Ewing Energies to make a fresh start.

Meanwhile, we quickly learned that Tommy was the victim of last week’s bloody monkey gunshot. Rebecca makes an urgent phone call for help, and a super-secret clean-up crew arrives to help dispose of the body. While she’s a nervous wreck over the shooting, she’s also in cover-up mode, as a ready-to-reconcile Christopher is wondering where her wedding ring (that she gave to Tommy) is. She frantically searches Tommy’s hotel room to no avail, but ends up having to pay a visit the body to find a pawn shop receipt. And then the rings are already sold. What she doesn’t know is that Christopher is also searching for Tommy, since he believes he beat Rebecca up (which he kind of did). Christopher and Bum end up in the hotel room, but it’s cleaned out. Before they leave, the phone rings, Christopher answers, and it’s… Tommy’s sister Rebecca calling from Des Moines. So while faux-Marta is dead, we now have faux-Rebecca! Christopher quickly tells her off, threatening to send her to jail and keep her from the babies. So Rebecca pays a visit to…

… Cliff Barnes! Her daddy! And for those of you keeping track, Cliff did indeed have a daughter, Pamela Rebecca (named after his sister and mother), with Afton Cooper (played by Audrey Landers) during Dallas’s original run. Cliff is behind everything, from the Rebecca Sutter fraud to Frank/Tommy’s methane hijinks. Cliff admonishes her for getting sucked into the Ewing family and reminds her that the plan is to take them down for good. He orders her to get him a piece of Ewing Energies. With Christopher’s threat fresh in her mind, she agrees.

Elsewhere, Ann visits creepy, creepy Harris Ryland and confronts him about his blackmail to Sue Ellen. He admits to needed the money laundered and propositions her to clean the slate. Ann begins sobbing and unbuttons her blouse… to reveal a wire. She threatens him to stay away from her family and gives the recording to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen proceeds with her campaign and corny slogan of “I Am Texas.” Yeah, that’s not getting my vote (but I don’t live in Texas).

John Ross and J.R. sign up for immunity and help Bobby to bring down Vincente for fraud, murder, etc… J.R. reminds Vincente that life is cheap in prison and he is a rich man. But Vincente is non-plussed and reminds J.R. of his own deep pockets. Is the Venezuelan war not yet over? Bobby lets J.R. know that he has a copy of the cloud drive and may use it against his brother as future leverage. And despite all of John Ross’s machinations, Bobby still hopes Ewing Energies will happen.

And as John Ross waits for Elena at the office, Christopher goes to her declaring his unending love for her, reminding her of their timeline of love together. The two fall into bed, as Elena’s mother returns the engagement ring to Christopher. So, we opened and closed the season we Elena bedding Ewing men… nice.

And as realization sinks in on John Ross that she isn’t coming or forgiving him, his daddy joins him in the empty office. John Ross declares war on Christopher and Elena, wanting the company for himself. He offers J.R. a cut of the profits if he helps him, but threatens to leave him penniless and in a nursing home if he crosses him. And with that, J.R. is finally, verbally and visibly, proud of his son.

So that was it for season one! Was it everything you hoped for? Were you surprised to learn Rebecca was Cliff’s daughter and not Ann/Harris’s? When will we learn more of Ann’s secret? How far will Rebecca go to help her father? For original viewers, is it still odd to see Cliff as confident and not bumbling? And isn’t everything just more delicious with J.R. back on your television? I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts and recaps this season, I’ll see you back here in January!

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