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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 3 Dances – Top 16 Perform + Elimination

photo: fox
photo: fox
So You Think You Can Dance
Top 16 Perform + Elimination

Original Air Date: Aug 3, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

Team stage narrowly won the vote last week, but I think team street is in it to win the vote for next week. This week we lightened things up with entertaining stories to get to know the dancers a little bit more. Some more information than needed in some cases. Balancing this out was the unfortunate news that Derek was injured last week and was unable to dance, making him automatically in the bottom three next week, unless of course, he was eliminated this week.

Lots of great dances this week, so what were my top three?

3. Jim and Ariana – Contemporary choreographed by Sean Cheesman
A moving routine about depression and Jim played up the emotion this week as the man struggling against his disease, aka Ariana. I loved everything about this routine and feel it was a big one for both dancers.

2. Hailee and Jaja – Jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper
After last week, Hailee is one of my new favorite dancers. I don’t know why I didn’t notice her before. This routine was a female empowerment routine that was yet another great dance to kick off the night. Both ladies are improving in the opposing choreography.

1. Megz and Edson – Contemporary choreographed by Talia Favia
This was another beautiful routine. Who knew Megz would come off as soft? Another street dancer who just shone in the opposing team’s choreography. It wasn’t an easy routine with clothing being put over faces, but it all came together effortlessly and I loved it.

Honorable mention: Virgil and Gaby – Broadway choreographed by Al Blackstone. Not the biggest Broadway fan, but this pair definitely nailed it. Virgil is always amazing and despite the height issue/non-issue this week, I think they pulled off the routine in style.

Based on last week’s vote, the bottom three stage dancers were: Derek, Kate, Marissa. Bottom three street dancers were: Ariana, Asaf, JJ.

Twitter saved….Derek and JJ!

Eliminated were: Marissa (team stage) and Asaf (team street).

Asaf is gone. Took long enough! There was no way a B-boy should have made it far. Not really upset about Marissa, but poor Kate. She got stuck with Asaf this week, so she may be doomed for next week and that would make me sad. What do you think of the results? Share you TwoCents below!

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