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Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Disney Night

photo: abc
photo: abc
Dancing With The Stars
Disney Night

Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2014

Colleen – Senior Reviewer

Tonight is Disney Night. It is a night full of dances to the music of different Disney movies and the costumes that represent those movies. Will tonight be as magical as its theme, especially with the guest judge Donny Osmond?

We begin tonight with the opening of practically every Disney movie. The only difference is that the mirror ball is in the back. We also hear different music as begin. How cool is that? Whoever knows me best knows that I love Disney movies, so tonight I am in my element. However at the end of the night, we do need to say goodbye to another couple (and yes, the original couples ARE back together for those of you who did not like the “switch up” last week). Who will it be? We are about to find out!

Drew & Cheryl – QuickStep (7 7 7 7=28)
My thoughts: I love the use of the animation in their routine for “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin. I also noticed that Cheryl incorporated some of what Drew was taught by Witney during the “switch up”. While he is not always the best dancer, Drew is very funny and entertaining. He is having a lot of fun and that is just as important. What do you think of Drew?
Judges thoughts: Len – I enjoyed it. Donny – When you put an arm out, it has to come from the core. Bruno – The technique softened. Carrie Ann – When you lose focus, you make a strange face.

Charlie & Sharna – Jazz (9 10 9 9=37)
My thoughts: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins is hard enough to dance to. This is even harder to do when you look like you are on speed than in the movie. They were spot on and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This should put Charlie & Sharna on top; if not on top, pretty close to it! Do you see them continuing on to the Finals?
Judges thoughts: Donny – That was an amazing performance. Bruno – That was one of the best performances we have ever seen. Carrie Ann – You are like a wave of happiness. Every move you made at warp speed. Len – That was eye poppin’. You came out and wowed this place.

Danica & Val – QuickStep (10 9 10 10=39)
My thoughts: As I said, I am in my element this week. These routines are so well thought out and spot on as you would see in the movies. The dance to “Be Our Guest” is no exception to that! Even the backup dancers were great as a chef and cups and sauces. What did you think of the dance?
Judges thoughts: Bruno – Your improvement is incredible. Stupendous! Carrie Ann – (Getting a hug) The lines were fantastic. It was like my own version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Len – Danica, you are a fantastic dancer. Donny – You guys knocked it out of the park!

Amy & Derek – Waltz (9 9 10 9=37)
My thoughts: Amy definitely had an emotional week. Learning the Waltz has not been an easy road for her. It is almost like Derek needs to find a new way of teaching her these dances, since this was always his biggest fear coming into it. They did beautifully with “This is Love” from Cinderella. Once again, Derek is proving that he can teach anyone and have them be a serious contender for the mirror ball trophy. But what will happen in the coming weeks? Do you think that Amy will be able to handle it?
Judges thoughts: Carrie Ann – I cannot take a point off for you doing a lift with your unique circumstances. You created magic. Len – I would have liked a little more in hold. It was beautiful. Donny – I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you’re doing it. You are more than inspiring. You are a serious contender. Bruno – You never looked more beautiful. I loved it.

Cody & Witney – Samba (9 8 8 9=34)
My thoughts: They are the only couple so far to not really dress the part of their movie “Lion King.” I do not care for their Samba. Maybe it is because I really am not a Cody fan. But he has a large fan base so he will be around for a while. What do you think?
Judges thoughts: Len – I like the energy you brought out. Donny – It did not come across that Cody enjoyed the dance. I didn’t see any happiness and joy. Bruno – You are great. Carrie Ann – Tonight I felt the power of Cody. I love the performance. You rocked it.

Nene & Tony – Fox Trot (9 9 9 9=36)
My thoughts: Tony seems to be the only one who did not think that the “switch up” helped. He actually thought it hindered them. NeNe got on his case about it and told him to change his attitude. Will the tension continue into their dance to “Cruella DeVille” from “Dalmations”? No, whatever tension they had, they were able to put aside, at least for their performance.
Judges thoughts: Donny – You owned that dance floor! I have never seen anyone work their hips like you (and then something got bleeped out). Bruno – You put some bump and grind in to the Fox Trot. It suited your personality. Carrie Ann – You can rock the villain. Your best choreography was the best it has ever been. The switch up did wonders for you. Len – You are a match made in dance heaven. Your best dance.

James & Peta – Contemporary (10 10 10 10=40)
My thoughts: “Let It Go” from Frozen was a good choice for this Contemporary dance. In the opening piece, James talked about a special needs girl who asked him to her prom. He wasn’t able to go because of the schedule of Dancing with the Stars, but he did the next best thing. He flew her, her mother and sister out to meet him and watch the show. James has a wonderful heart. What did you think of his great gesture and what they were able to accomplish for the dance this week?
Judges thoughts: Bruno – You dance with such sincerity. Carrie Ann – It was absolute artistry. Congratulations. Len – That would melt even the coldest heart. That was fantastic. Donny – Such amazing choreography.

Meryl & Maks – Samba (9 9 9 9=36)
My thoughts: “I Want To Be Like You” from Jungle Book is what they chose to dance to. Maks was a cute “Mowgli.” I love how they incorporated the moneys from the movie into their dance, doing some of the same moves as them at the exact same time.
Judges thoughts: Carrie Ann – I have never seen Maks to dance so in tune. Len – It was great entertainment. Donny – It was thoroughly entertaining. Bruno – It was a wonderful dance.

Candace & Mark – Samba (8 9 9 9=35)
My thoughts: Candace found herself at the bottom of the leader board last week. She was not happy about that at all. Will “Under the Sea” from Little Mermaid keep her around to see another week? I was very surprised at her playing “Ariel” and in what is usually seen by Candace to be too little clothing. Mark was a great Sebastian!
Judges thoughts: Len – You had some great fundamental Samba. Donny – Don’t give up. What I saw was so promising. Bruno – I like what I saw. Carrie Ann – I love watching you. You are incredible Candace.

Leaderboard: First: James & Peta (40); Second: Danica & Val (39) Third (two way tie): Charlie & Sharna, Amy & Derek (37); Fifth (two way tie): Meryl & Maks, NeNe & Tony (36); Seventh: Candace & Mark (35); Eighth: Cody & Witney (34); Ninth: Drew & Cheryl (28)

Safe: Charlie & Sharna, Drew & Cheryl, Danica & Val, Amy & Derek, NeNe & Tony, Candace & Mark

Going home: Cody & Witney

Cody & Witney will be on Good Morning America tomorrow in the eight o’clock hour.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did Cody deserve to go home?

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