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Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – The Road to the Finals

photo: abc
photo: abc
Dancing With The Stars
The Road to the Finals

Original Air Date: May 20, 2014

Colleen – Senior Reviewer

Tonight is THE night we have been waiting for all season – the mirror ball trophy is awarded! We have three remaining couples: Maks & Meryl, Derek & Amy and Mark & Candace. Last night we saw the shocking elimination of James & Peta. But do not fret, they will be back tonight as will the rest of this season’s cast! Tonight is a night you do not want to miss with all the fun, excitement and music galore!

But before we get to that, we have an hour full of getting to know our celebrity finalists. It is full of viewer questions, commentary from our couples and the judges.

It was interesting to hear these stories. We really get a never before-seen look at them, their feelings, favorite dances and how they thought they did through certain weeks. We are also privy to little tidbits; almost like you would see on “Pop-Up Video”. What did you think of the pop-ups? Do you like the information that was shared that we did not already know?

We heard Amy’s back story from week three, which was the dance of the most memorable year of her life. We heard the judges talk about the evolution that Amy has made over the course of the competition. We even heard viewer questions for Amy and Derek. Do you think that it was Amy’s story that kept her in the competition to this point? What do you think of having someone with a disability on the show? Do you see it as a good move that the show should try again?

We heard Candace’s back story as well. She talks about transitions has made in her life: from Full House to married life and motherhood. She talks about her struggles with her weight as a teenager. Candace is critical of her dance movements in the tape from week six, which was the week that she never wanted to watch again. The judges saw the evolution of someone who was not sure of herself to someone coming out of her shell. What do you think held Candace back the most? Was it her fear of not getting right or was it psychological because of all her past struggles?

Finally we hear Meryl’s back story. We hear about how she fell in love with the ice at an early age and how she struggled in school because of her Dyslexia. We hear how family and friends talk about her evolution through this experience and how different she has become being partnered with Maks. Even Len thought that they were matched perfectly. But that is not to say that they did not have their moments in training where they, especially Meryl, got frustrated. Do you think it was this that kept them working hard? Or was it their professionalism that kept the momentum going despite the frustration?
I think the one thing I loved about this show was the questions the viewers asked. They were really insightful to who the couples are.

Now to that mirror ball trophy…..

What do you think of the special? Was there something more you would have liked to see?

Time for your TwoCents!

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