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Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Episode 5 Elimination

photo: abc
photo: abc

Dancing with the Stars
Episode 5 Elimination

Original Air Date: April 7, 2009

Crystal – Sr Reviewer

What a strange night of performances. We were treated to performances from Etta James and Demi Lovato, a legendary performer and a Disney performer. We found out our saved couples, and our bottom two: David Alan Grier and Lawrence Taylor had to dance for their lives. So, who danced his way to safety and who kicked his way off the stage permanently?

David Alan Grier gave his Viennese Waltz a second try, and managed to get two points higher, while Lawrence Pasa Doble’s again and got the same score he got last time. They danced for the lives, but it wasn’t enough for David Alan Grier.

He managed to do better tonight than he did last night, but it wasn’t enough to save him. So, just how important is the whole dance-off? What’s the point of it besides a time filler if it isn’t saving people who show improvement from night to night?

Tonight was ridiculous. No offense to Lawrence (he seems like a great guy), but it was fairly clear that David was a much better dancer than Lawrence, and the football player needed to be sent packing.

What do you think? Was David’s elimination fair? Are the dance-offs just pointless filler or do they have some purpose after all? What are your TwoCents?

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