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Dear TV Claus…From Laura L.

ttc-pig-christmasHello and Happy Holidays to you all! For the month of December, the crew here at will be writing our letters to TV Claus, a powerful being who transcends all beliefs to bring us the wonderment of good television. You’ll see a new letter to TV Claus almost daily here and we hope you’ll chime in your TwoCents to TV Claus too!

Dear TV Claus,

I have been a good girl this year and watched several commercials aired during my favorite shows to help their ratings and revenues. I want to thank you for all the quality programming in the last few years and a new golden age of television. Hopefully I won’t seem greedy, but I do have a few additional wishes for TV gifts this year:


  1. A season of Doctor Who as solidly good as seasons three, four, or five. Or even two or six. I also would be happy with an appearance by Jack Harkness.
  1. For Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) to not get herself killed on Gotham (as seems likely) because her character is trés magnifique.
  1. That Agent Carter turns out to be as good as I want it to be; that is doesn’t lack that je ne sais quoi like the first few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  1. That 60 minutes and Dancing with the Stars sop overrunning into shows I watch.
  1. For any TV show that’s as good as season two of The West Wing.

Also, I know these are impossible wishes, but if it’s within your power to have Firefly return, make Charmed Sons happen, or let The Aurors (April Fool’s Day hoax) be a real thing…please? Also, could you miraculously get George R.R. Martin to finish the Song of Ice and Fire series before the Game of Thrones TV show storylines pass him up?


Happy Holiday!




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