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Dear TV Claus … From Patricia

Hi gang! Happy Holidays to you all! For the month of December, the crew here at will be writing our letters to TV Claus. A powerful being who transcends all beliefs to bring us the wonderment of good television. You’ll see a new letter to TV Claus almost daily here and we hope you’ll chime in your TwoCents to TV Claus too!

Dear TV Claus,

I usually have a long list for you, but this year, I have only one single item on my wish list: Save Fringe. This may be one of the best sci-fi series of all time and it’s only the network’s belief in the wonderfully acted and written series that seems to keep it on the air.

The lower viewership problem is compounded by the fact that this season is so deep in the story’s mythology that it’s difficult for new viewers to catch up. Which means you need to have been a loyal viewer almost from the beginning or someone who caught up with the DVDs.

I don’t want to admit it, but I think that Fringe is in real danger of being canceled. Then we’ll never find out if there’s more than one parallel universe. Why Peter is such a timeline changer. Who the Observers really are. If Walternate is really evil. If Peter has a son in another timeline. If William Bell is really dead or alive. If the Emmys will ever wake up and notice one of the best acting jobs in years by giving John Noble a well earned award.

The last time I asked you for something – to save Pushing Daisies — you didn’t come through for me. Don’t you think you owe me one?

Counting on you,
Patricia Morris Buckley

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