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Degrassi – Recap & Review – Nowhere To Run

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Nowhere To Run

Original Air Date: Nov 18, 2011

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor


It’s been a long few months without a new Degrassi, so we got this Halloween-esque hour to tide us over until the new season hits in 2012. But unlike normal episodes, this one didn’t really break out into clean story arcs as all of our characters were embroiled in the same horror plot.

But we did have couple drama, so I’ll take my normal story/verdict approach. But be sure to give your feedback as to how this unusual, yet fairly cliché, special worked for you.

The main events of the hour take place at Jake’s family cabin. The cabin is, of course, located out in the desolate woods. It also has a back story of a double-murder/suicide of the previous owner. The murder happened when a man (David Pratt) found his wife (Joyce Pratt) in bed with her lover and killed them both with a fire poker, then somehow killed himself. I know the first thing I look for in a creepy wooded cabin is a murderous legacy. Jake convinces everyone that a killer/ghost still stalks the cabin.

Before we get to the cabin, we have the wedding of Helen and Glen Martin, making Jake and Claire officially related. Claire still has feelings for Jake, but insists to him and Alli that’s she moved on. Right after that we see that Jake was carrying a box of roses, presumably for Claire. Elsewhere, Alli is upset to learn that Dave had “a thing” (aka sex) with someone else over the summer while they were on a break. He wants another chance, but she breaks up with him. A bummed Jake invites Alli, Drew, Katie, and Marisol to spend the last weekend before school at his family cabin.

Claire decides she made a mistake and goes after them. Meanwhile, Alli and Jake console each other over their mutual broken relationships. Somehow, this leads to a kiss. And of course, Claire arrives just in time to see it and takes off into the woods. She gets lost, falls, and cuts her hand. Drew and Jake search the woods, find her bloody headband (?), and fear the worst. And the, for no logical reason, Eli (who took the bus/his bike out there) shows up to find her right before the guys do. Back at the cabin, Jake pretty much blames the kiss on Alli and he and Claire reconcile. She’s still frosty to Alli the next day, forcing her to find a different ride home. She and Jake also opt to hide their renewed relationship from their parents.

Verdict: And I thought Greg and Marcia Brady had an inappropriate relationship! Despite the horror movie hokey-ness of most of the hour, this really was just an hour about Claire and Jake getting back together. I did not, at all, comprehend how Eli ended up out there. He and Jake aren’t close. He and Claire are exes. What prompted him to come out there? Did I blink and miss a major moment of exposition? Alli is also the most self-destructive person, isn’t she? I watched the kiss a few times and don’t think it was entirely her doing (he leaned in), but wow does she know how to screw up. Are we in for another season of self-loathing Alli? I don’t think I can take it.

Katie/Drew/Marisol/Bianca: Katie returns from soccer camp to find that Bianca is doing her community service in Drew’s basement (working for his dad). She’s clearly jealous and Bianca is only too happy to build on her unfounded concerns. When Katie, Drew, and Marisol head up to the cabin, Bianca decides to join Claire on her cabin-crashing mission. Marisol is bored and disgusted by the outdoors as soon as they get there. When the guys take off to look for Claire, Marisol shares her find of marijuana in the couch. Alli can’t go home smelling like pot, so the Marisol and Katie go into a shed to smoke up. Actually only Marisol smokes, but Katie gets quite the second hand buzz. They find themselves locked in the shed, with Marisol panicking that the killer will get them, but Katie gets them out with a chainsaw. Drew gives her the side-eye of non-approval over the marijuana, but Katie also realizes she has to show Drew she trusts him and negate Bianca’s power.

Verdict: I loved Bianca and her horror knowledge. She really provided some comic relief with her one-liners and mocking attitude. Katie is becoming a more well-rounded character, but Marisol is still a flirty caricature. I laughed when she found the pot, but Bianca was the one to identify it as real. Bianca doesn’t seem to have an interest in Drew beyond getting under Katie’s skin, so I don’t really have much to say about that. My favorite moment of the whole hour was when Katie, looking for bug spray, found the candlestick, lead pipe, broken wrench, and knife… You know if Anya had been there she’d want to LARP (live action role play) the game of Clue.

At the end of the hour, the whole Scooby gang was in the cabin when they saw someone outside with a chainsaw. It wasn’t the killer, but Helen and Glen, cutting their honeymoon short to check on the kids. (And the Brady Bunch references come full circle.) Glen explains the whole hour with the line: “Jealousy makes people do some pretty ugly things.”

So that was our special episode. It was OK, but definitely stood as filler before the new season kicks off next year. You’ve got my TwoCents, so now take some time and share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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