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Degrassi – Recap & Review – The Way We Get By (Part One)

photo: teennick
The Way We Get By (Part One)

Original Air Date: Feb 18, 2011

Farrah Kaye – Sr. Editor

Remember being the fifth wheel in high school when your friends coupled up? It’s a horrible feeling watching your friends hold hands during movie night and you are sticking your hands in the popcorn bowl.

In tonight’s episode, Drew discovers that lonely feeling when he realizes his friends are all coupled up so he decides to find a girlfriend, while Riley gets a makeover for his big night out with Zane and Alli is finally back (not at Degrassi but we do get to see where she goes to school).

Riley is heading out for a night with Zane and decides it’s time to class himself up. What does that mean? He shaves his luscious locks. They head to an art gallery where Riley insults the artist and thinks the night is ruined. To his delight, Zane shows up at his house and they start making out. Enter Riley’s mom with “snacks for the study budies!” Whoops. Riley is so not ready for this conversation but he knows it has to happen. And soon.

Elsewhere with our “In Too Deep” saga, Drew is lonely while Dave/Sadie and KC/Jenna are all ooey gooey in love. He’s the fifth wheel and he hates it. So he finds solace in Bianca, the boiler room chick. Oddly, she’s got a bit more depth to her (so it seems) but the other “basketball girlfriends” don’t approve. And her presence seems to be causing him to perform poorly on the court, which doesn’t help them in the championship. So the group tells him she’s not welcome, causing Drew to feel alone, yet again. The guy just can’t win.

In the random “C Storyline,” Alli is still at her all-girls school and has no life. Her mom suggests her befriending a specific girl, Malika. She comes over for dinner and they actually get along, despite not getting along during school. (Sidenote: what’s with the ugly gold sweaters?) Anyhoo, after dinner, the goody goody Malika that Alli thinks she has befriended winds up asking Alli to cover for her so she can go see her boyfriend. And she smokes! This is not gonna be good for Alli.

Next week, Drew gets high and Riley attempts to have “the” conversation with his parents.

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Here’s what I’ve got to say about it:
– How dare Jenna judge Bianca. She’s pregnant! Sure, Bianca likes to hit up the boiler room for some fun but at least she’s not knocked up.
– Riley’s new hair is great. Getting caught with Zane? Not great. He’s not ready for this. Next week will be intense.
– Glad to have Alli back but her having a sneaking-out-and-smoking friend is not going to help her get back to Degrassi. And somehow she’ll get blamed.
– Glad that Sadie and Dave worked things out. Yay!

That’s it from me. What are your thoughts? Leave your two cents below!

And enjoy the next few weeks! I’ll be gone but my fellow Degrassi recapper Karen will help you out!

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