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Desperate Housewives – Recap & Review – Marry Me a Little

photo: abc
photo: abc

Desperate Housewives
Marry Me a Little

Original Air Date: May 10, 2009

Annette – TwoCents Reviewer

Bree the Thief
Bree agrees to Karl’s suggestion that they rob her house to keep Orson from getting ½ her stuff. (Orson’s reaction to the robbery was very funny! That’s the funniest he’s been in a long time.) Orson draws up a picture of the mask that Bree took, and has it recreated by the shop they bought it from in Venice because it meant so much to her. When he also sympathizes with the people he stole from, Bree is surprised and has second thoughts about the divorce, but Karl talks her out of it. The storage place where Bree rented a unit to hide all her stuff calls, Orson answers, and becomes suspicious. We see him at the end opening the unit and finding all the stuff that was stolen.

Susan the Sort-of Bride
Jackson and Susan move forward with the charade of marriage. “Wow, fake marriage is complicated.” (Yes Susan, defrauding the government tends to be very complicated.) Susan is freaking out because she’ll lose Mike’s alimony if she gets married and wants to back out. She tells Katherine the wedding is a fake and that she still needs Mike’s money. When she gets a text from Mike saying he’ll continue to pay the alimony, she and Jackson go forward with the wedding plan.

Katherine the Bride-Wanna-Be
Mike is obviously not thrilled about the news of Susan and Jackson getting married. So he proposes (awkwardly) to Katherine who is, of course, thrilled, but slightly suspicious (as well she should be, Mike is obviously still in love with Susan). Katherine never tells Mike that Susan’s marriage is a sham and we find out that she’s on the other end of the text message to Susan that was supposedly sent from Mike. (Mirror, mirror on the wall, is Katherine the most desperate housewife of them all? Tell me readers, would you want to marry a man you knew still had feelings for someone else?)

Gaby the Spendthrift
When Juanita demands a new canopy bed, Gaby tries to teach her about valuing what she has by making her work at a soup kitchen. There she runs into a friend who has lost everything. This revelation of someone who had so much and fallen so far does nothing to slow down Gaby’s spending habits. (I for one am a little surprised by how insensitive Gaby was toward her friend considering it wasn’t that long ago that she and Carlos were struggling.) In the end, Gaby is still redecorating her house in $200-a-yard fabric.

Lynette the Reasonable
Tom is facing the same troubles finding a job that Lynette did earlier in the season – everyone else is much younger. He decides he wants a face-lift after Lynette is amazed how much younger one of his college classmates looks. Lynette brings home a co-worker who’d had it done, but not particularly well. (Kudos to the make-up department – how’d they make that guy look so scary?) Lynette patiently and eloquently talks Tom out of the surgery.

Dave the Desperate Killer
Dave is freaking out because Jackson will be speaking to the detectives about the fire. (We all remember that Dave locked Jackson in the bathroom of the nightclub during the fire because Jackson saw him coming out of the storage room where he had killed the doc, right? I had forgotten that part of the story.) He decides to leave town, but while talking to Katherine on the phone he overhears Susan telling Katherine about the fake marriage and Jackson’s danger of deportation. The evil glint returns to Dave’s eye.

Just as Susan and Jackson are leaving for the courthouse, Immigration shows up and arrests Jackson. In the background is creepy Dave smiling as Jackson is led away.

A Few More of My 2 Pennies
I know the show is called Desperate Housewives and the women are the main focus, but is anyone else tired of the men on the show being portrayed as losers? Tom is a crybaby, Dave is a psychopath, Jackson is a user, Orson’s just sort of pathetic, and Mike is a commitment-phobe. I love all the strong ladies; I just wish the men were a little stronger as well.

Don’t forget to tune in to next week’s 2-hour season finale – I can’t wait!!! So, we know that Marc Cherry and the writers aren’t afraid of anything, including killing off main characters and especially throwing major twists in, like last year’s 5 year jump. So my question is, would they actually kill off a child? Will Dave succeed in killing little MJ? As horrible as it would be, I could also see it as a way of getting Susan and Mike back together as they grieve over the loss of their son. Does anyone else have any ideas about what might happen next week?

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