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Dexter – Recap & Review – Buck The System

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Buck The System

Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2012

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

It’s being said that this is the comeback season of Dexter after the past two lackluster years. Right now, I would safely say that I am about 60% on board with that hypothesis, even though we are only three episodes into the seventh season.

And the sole reason for that 60% is Deb and Dexter’s newly intense, and non-incest, relationship. OK, maybe I’ll give another slight percentage to LaGuerta’s growing curiosity, but the rest of the show needs to pick up some serious pace to keep interest. Because, in my opinion, Ukrainian Stripper Gate is dragging the rest of the show down.

Sure we had a little to be thankful for tonight, as they took care of a nagging problem carried over from last season. For this hour, we said goodbye to the nuisance of the underdeveloped Louis Greene. After Dexter rebuffed helping him with his forensics video game, Louis went all stalker on our favorite killer, canceling credit cards and sending him the ITK hand. Louis never really made sense and was never developed beyond annoying. So although Dexter got his payback tonight, by getting Masuka to fire Louis (by sending the hand to Miami Metro) and getting Jamie to dump him (by showing prostitute home movies), it was Ukrainian honcho Isaac that got rid of him once and for all.

Isaac became curious as to what happened to Kaja’s GPS heroin-mule tracking bracelet. So with some savvy I.T, work, he tracked the bracelet to eight miles off the coast. Then he narrowed in his scope to the exact boat slip where he departed from (presumably deceased). That’s some mighty fine software. Must not be Apple Maps. On the Slice Of Life, the discover Louis, plotting to sink Dexter’s boat as revenge. Wrong place, wrong time, because after the nearly drill out his eyes, Louis gives up Dexter’s name, and is promptly shot in the head. Goodbye Louis. We’ll always have “It’s not cheating if you pay for it.”

Elsewhere Dexter is kept busy by going with Batista to meet last week’s truck splat’s accomplice, Hannah McKay (played by Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski). With some late evidence being turned in by the deceased’s mother, they need a DNA swab to rule her out as a suspect. The pretty nursery owner, distanced from her old life, makes Dexter all thumbs. Do we sense a romance brewing?

Another romance brewing is between Quinn and stripper-Nadia. After she’s tasked with spying on him for the Brotherhood, she levels with him about needing Viktor intel. He vows to keep her safe, giving her Viktor information in exchange for any information she comes across on Mike Anderson’s murder. Does anyone else think Quinn is going to be dead before the season is over? More importantly, will anyone miss him?

But the real meat of the hour is Deb and Dexter’s increasingly strained relationship. Dexter is experiencing severe blood lust, fantasizing about killing everyone from postal workers to Masuka. But Deb is still watching her brother’s every step, smothering him in the process. In order to satiate his need to kill, he peruses old files, coming across one for Ray Speltzer, a suspected killer who got away. But rather than go off half-cocked, he actually brings the case to Deb, trying to explain why he should be able to kill Ray, who he suspects is about to kill again. He explains his lizard/amygdala brain, as a sixth sense to knowing who to kill

This goes over with Deb as well as a lead balloon, and she vows to keep police tabs on Ray, but all she can get is a small patrol detail. Dexter secretly keeps up his own surveillance, discovering Ray’s shrine to previous victims in an old mausoleum (subtle). But both are off schedule, as Ray manages to get a new victim to his sparsely decorated home. His game is to give chase through a hoarder’s maze while wearing a bull’s mask, then beating the girls to death. Deb’s lizard brain has kicked in, and she’s keeping an eye on the house when she notices something is amiss. She breaks in and is nearly killed by Ray in an intense struggle, when Dexter clocks him with a beam. They find his newly deceased victim, but Ray flees the scene.

Afterwards, Deb painfully admits that she gets Dexter’s process. She hates it, but knows it might be a necessary evil. She does question the blood slides as trophies, which leads Dexter to admit he likes the way killing makes him feel. The both acknowledge that they can’t change who they are, but Deb says that everything between them has changed and may never be the same. She tells him to move back home, and Dexter feels free from his cage.

To me, that last scene belonged in this year’s season finale as a set up for next year with Deb turning a blind eye to her brother’s killing ways. To have her come around in two episodes, after one missed killer, seems like a bit of a cheat and more than a little out of character for Deb. I liked the Dexter-Deb cat and mouse and was curious to see where it would lead. That being said, the sibling interaction is definitely the best part of the show right now.

And there you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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