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Eastwick – Recap & Review – Bonfire and Betrayal

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Bonfire and Betrayal

Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2009

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

ATTENTION ABC: PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW! It’s in the danger zone, and I really don’t want it to be! I mean, I know it was probably pitched as Charmed meets Desperate Housewives, but I love it okay? I won’t even call it guilty pleasure; it’s just purely wicked fun. It’s not even meant to be taken that seriously. Now that my plea is out there, on to the recap!

Kat kissed Will last episode and she’s very sorry about it, to the point where she encourages Joanna to apologize to him over and over again until he forgives her. So, she goes to her old place of employment (she got fired last week) and he says that he does indeed forgive her. So, Joanna goes one step further and asks if that means he’ll give her another shot. Alas, he says there is another woman, and Joanna uses her mojo on him to get him to fess up to liking Kat. Confronting her friend at the hospital, Kat tries to tell Joanna that the kiss meant nothing, and then Joanna is all ‘Kiss, what kiss?’ before she storms out. Good job, Kat. Joanna goes home to mope and realizes she can move things with her mind just before Pastor Dunn kidnaps her.

Taking her to his creepy Sinner’s Alcove work space, he makes a coffin for her so that he can burn her on Halloween night during the village bonfire. (This town sure does have a lot of gatherings. During this one they throw all the things that have been a burden in the coffin and then burn them.) Tossed in the fire, Joanna’s powers are basically useless, but that’s okay because the collective powers of Piper and Phoe…I mean Kat, Roxie, and Bun (unless you want me to go back to calling her Veronica Cartwright) save the day. Will keeps Kat from running into the fire, so then she starts crying which leads to rain, and then Will getting Joanna out of the coffin. How she didn’t die of smoke inhalation and how they all knew EXACTLY which coffin she was in blows my mind, but you know. Once Joanna learns that Kat tried to walk through fire to save her, their friendship is mended.

So, all episode Roxie has been having this vision of going to a funeral, and first she thinks it’s The Devil because she made a giant statue of him, and Bun’s psychic powers (yeah, that’s new) lead her to believe the statue would fall on top of him and kill him. A statue does indeed fall, and Roxie pushes Darryl out of the way but at that point the episode has only been on for about 10 minutes so you knew it couldn’t be that easy. Then Joanna goes and gets kidnapped, and she’s burning right under a statue of a huge witch. You’d think that was it, crisis averted, but no!! Towards the end of the episode, Hot Young Boyfriend (who has been so bitchy and immature with how he handles a relationship, but that’s what you get when you’re a cougar I guess.) sees Roxie hugging The Devil and mutters ‘screw you’ (or ‘go to hell’? Jury is out.) under his breath. Naturally, he goes to find the big statue of Darryl Van Horne in the village and takes a randomly placed crowbar to it. Wouldn’t you know that the damn thing falls over on top of him and kills him dead.

Oh, and also, it turns out that Sara Rue is not evil (that we know) and she was sleeping with Johnny Depp just to help Joanna get info on The Devil to run the story that ultimately got her BFF fired. She breaks it off with him at first because hurting Joanna was like hurting her (even though…never mind), but by the end they’ve made up and compared each other to scones, so there you go. And Mia tries to apologize to Josh by dressing like Raggedy Ann or some such thing, and I guess it works because there’s playful shoving involved.

I’ll repeat my previous plea: Please don’t cancel this show! I have to see why Bun is freaking out around The Devil! (I mean, I know why but I wanna see it played out!) and the ladies have to develop their powers more. I’d also like to see more Cybill, and we’re supposed to next week! Anyone else think that Sara Rue TOTALLY steals the show though? I mean honestly, she has the best lines, but I didn’t post any this week because they’d all be out of context. Did you have favorite bits of dialogue other than: I told you not to trust those crazy bitches!”? Let me know, and leave your Two Cents in the comments!

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