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Elementary – Recap & Review – Fidelity


Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2017

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Kitty’s temporary return has brought a number of surprises, both good- a baby!- and bad- Sherlock being arrested by a shady government agent initially found with a group searching his home. Then there was the whole disguised murders thing. And, about that agent. His name is Anton, and he is indeed guilty- he admits as much to Sherlock while holding and threatening him. But, using Moreland, he blackmails him into silence before unceremoniously depositing back home. Wonder how long that silence will last.

Kitty herself arrives back to the brownstone, as confused as we are about why all this is going on. Sherlock goes to the precinct to continue investigating. Using his father’s name to set up a meeting with partners of a law firm involved with the legal cases connected to the murders. While there, Kitty starts to confess that she’s leaving detective work, but Sherlock already knows. Unfortunately, the firm won’t give them access to any files However, the victim’s wife gives tapes that offer more information- like the victim having a schizophrenic breakdown during his case. Odd rambling mostly, but one theory may be true.

It involves a bomb in a toilet in Venezuela that killed dozens of people. Potentially involved parties include both various CEOs and the president of Venezuela. This is turning into a reasonable motive for murder pretty quickly. The next day, we have a few clues, as well as a few people spying on the house. It turns out no CEOs are part of the plan, but the head of that law firm is. Kitty and Joan go to confront him when a man on a motorcycle comes and tries to shoot everyone. Kitty manages to “help” him dodge the shots by kicking him in the crotch so he falls over.

The man did play a role, but isn’t directly involved with any deaths. He admits his connections to Anton, which he’s clinging to a lot less now that the dude has tried to kill him. He also gives up a flash drive with more data. But before it can lead to more, Anton throws a twist by confessing to his crimes and what he sees as greater motives in a video for the world to see. That night, Kitty confronts Sherlock, thinking he really is angry about her decision. He is upset, but it’s about her lack of contact with him. Before they can sort out that mess, news footage shows additional files Anton has lead about nuclear weapons in Iraq.

The video is fake, but still has potentially alarming consequences now the media has it and believes it. If Anton confesses, it’ll wrap things up nicely. Good news: finding him is easy. He was shot in the shoulder after a standoff and his being arrested. Bad news: he refuses to confess, and he’s not taken by the NYPD. But, of course, there’s a convenient solution. Sherlock finds proof anyway, and gives it to an informant. Later, he and Kitty talk things out. She invites Joan and him to baby Archie’s christening and names them his godparents.

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