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Elementary – Recap & Review – High Heat

High Heat

Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2017

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

After Shinwell and Sherlock’s-er- falling out- in the last episode, we’ve been waiting (a week longer than we would otherwise, thanks to the wonderful world of sports) to see the consequences, the majority of which involve the downgrading of Sherlock’s ego (and the opposite in terms of the number of his meetings with female “acquaintances.”) Joan’s dealing with it, too, but both of them are going to have to set their feelings aside when someone gets burned alive.

Not just one someone, but two- and Sherlock thinks he knows the first. A private detective by the name of Fred Kirby, who was terrible at his job. However, he was investigating a 30-year old mass shooting of new US citizens, and several people involved filed restraining orders. Joan speaks to the woman of a man who charged that shooter and thinks Fred wanted to get memorabilia for his victims. She’s also signed them up for a private detective organization- something Sherlock is not at all happy with. But never mind his snobbery- we have clues involving a memorial to the shooting, and, apparently, Chernobyl.

This all involves a conspiracy theory- that the main people behind Chernobyl were working for the US and allowed to come over with aliases, when they were shot at their citizenship ceremony. Sherlock dismisses this, of course, but Kirby may have believed it. He had a contact at a lab who did run tests, but they weren’t for radiation (which would connect them to the reactor explosion), but for paternity. Our new suspect may have been the son of the old shooter, desperate to prove they weren’t actually related. But it can’t be him- because he was in that incinerator, too.

We have no suspects- the most likely one has been in the hospital for a week- and no witnesses. The old shooter was indeed not the father of our second victim- and the fact he may have been cheated on could have motivated his actions. Indeed, when this second body was still alive, he may have had a half-brother in the baseball-playing son of yet another shooting victim. Meanwhile, Sherlock meets the head of the private detective organization a second time. The man says he’s trying to make improvements to the club. It’s a claim Sherlock is dubious towards.

Just as our baseball player seems ready to fold on his connections, the man’s coach confesses to the crimes. It’s a stretch, but he says he was trying to protect his player from extortion on Kirby’s point- and lashed out when Fred wouldn’t back down. The story doesn’t hold up with the evidence, however. The player is the guilty party. Oh, and Sherlock takes out his antagonistic detective agency- by getting them to change their name. Before members can rejoin, they have to take a test of his design. And yes, it’s as bad as you might think.

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