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Elementary – Recap & Review – Scrambled


Original Air Date: May 14, 2017

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Even after Shinwell’s relationship with Joan and Sherlock turned largely antagonistic, his work to take down his former gang showed he was interested in accomplishing at last one positive thing. Unfortunately, he was killed before he could do so, in the final seconds of last week’s episode. Even as his body is removed from his home, there’s little to go off. Still, Joan remains determined to find not only the killer, but justice as well. That might mean attempting to take over his work where he left off.

She recruits a member of the gang unit on whose behalf Shinwell was working and tells him she wants to head straight for the top- the head of SBK. The man, Bonzi, is an elusive but ruthless figure, though of course even he is vulnerable to Sherlock’s keen eye. When it comes time to move forward, though, Sherlock goes to a meeting instead, and talks about Shinwell’s death, and how it affects him as a former addict. He also talks to a fellow attendee about a case he was pursuing. He thinks a man may have gotten away with murder, but only after the accused party committed suicide.

Joan and Bell talk to Bonzi’s brother, who fled the crime life taken up by the rest of the family. Joan updates Sherlock on the few details they get that night, and the next day, he joins the others to talk to Bonzi himself, on the man’s request. He claims to have news of his own about how Shinwell was killed, and (of course) denies having anything whatsoever to do with the gang. Joan thinks the man he’s describing is one of his own, and tells him as much. While, thankfully, he doesn’t have anyone else killed, he does clam up and tell them to get out.

The man Bonzi accused is interrogated, but, as expected, refuses to talk. This isn’t only because of any potential threats, but because SBK took him in as a family. But Sherlock has a solution (of a sort) in the form of an enigma machine, once used for cryptography, found in Bonzi’s apartment. Said machine is only useful when the code used is solved. It’s quite a task, but Joan soon makes progress. Meanwhile, Sherlock talks to his friend some more about the other case, but he’s none too happy about her showing up at his place of his work. And that progress with the code might not mean much as Bonzi starts tying up loose ends.

Even though one of those ends left a man in a coma, it’s not enough to make a case off yet. But Joan and Sherlock have a new angle in the trail of bodies Bonzi left behind. Or rather, that his brother left behind. Guess the two aren’t so estranged after all. Titus remains calm while being accused of being a secret serial killer, and even when our heroes suggest he might by SBK’s true leader. Sherlock begins tying both his cases together, also learning that a fake text regarding evidence was sent in his name. When the team moves in towards Bonzi again, they find him on the brink of death, poisoned by bad cocaine.

Bonzi himself now lies in a coma, with little hope of recovery. Titus is the prime suspect, but launching a case against him, especially with his powerful position, is going to be a difficult task. That doesn’t stop Joan and Bell from letting him know how much they’re aware of. He, in turn, tells them to watch their back. They’ve officially been threatened by the head of SBK. Also, Sherlock has another talk with his friend from meetings. Two things- first, she was the one who sent that text. Second, she’s a lot more than a friend. Did you know Sherlock has been in a relationship all this time? Because I sure didn’t.

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