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Elementary – Recap & Review – Wrong Side of the Road

Wrong Side of the Road

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2017

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Sherlock has a funeral to attend in this week’s episode. (A strange parallel with a man with a- literal- gun in his pants also in the opening.) And that’s sad, of course, but it gives a chance for someone to say they think there was foul play involved. That someone is Kitty, back to team with Sherlock for two episodes. Fans were mixed about her the first time around- but it’ll be interesting to see what her role is this time, especially considering she comes bearing news.

Neither Sherlock nor Joan were expecting her, but the latter is pretty concerned about that whole thing were Kitty mauled her rapist’s face with acid. And yet Gregson is more than happy to see her. She wrote him a letter apologizing for all that, and it seems to have worked. But then she runs out in the middle of their meeting. Sherlock has a meeting of his own, with Eli, a man he thinks is involved not only with this case, but with the deaths of several others, all attributed to other causes (our man supposedly died of a heart attack). Gregson doesn’t think there’s enough evidence to exhume the body. This is unfortunate, because soon someone else does that for them- and burns it.

Despite this new evidence, the ME maintains the victim died of natural causes. But she’s not hiding a slip up- she’s lying. As they leave, Joan notes Kitty acting oddly, but Kitty avoids her questions. The wife confirms a man matching what few details we have so far was seen standing outside their house before her husband’s death. That man is an assassin; one Sherlock already saw while talking to Eli at a club. Meanwhile, Joan decides to spy on Kitty to figure out what’s going on with her. That backfires spectacularly when she gets into Kitty’s house, only to be attacked by her nanny. Kitty has a baby.

First things first: the father is someone Kitty went to college with. Joan, now “Aunty Watson”, is completely supportive, but Kitty is concerned. Now that she’s a mom, she wants to quit being a detective, and she’s worried Sherlock won’t take that well, having spent so much time training her. The next day, they haul the ME into the precinct because of evidence about another man killed by the assassin. She was paid off for covering up a real cause of death. Even when confronted with evidence, she keeps her cool and walks out. That night, Sherlock meets Kitty’s son for the first time. But he can’t stay. Eli calls him for a meeting- and is dropped off a roof before he can make it.

Was it suicide due to a guilty mind or murder? Obviously, Sherlock thinks it’s the latter. He wasn’t the man who hired the killer, but he is his latest victim. There might be some clues to track down in security cameras, but before we can get to them, Sherlock, Joan, and Kitty stumble upon a fleet of people at the brownstone. Sherlock notes that they’re government agents and tells Kitty to flee with Joan in tow. But when he walks in, he’s the one who’s arrested. The lead agent- who looks eerily like the sketch of the assassin- won’t say what the charges are. That’s not suspicious at all. Sadly, we won’t hear more until next week.

Next Episode: Fidelity

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