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Enlisted – Top 8 Moments – Parade Duty

photo: fox
photo: fox

Parade Duty

Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2014

Brianna – Senior Reviewer

Pete’s platoon gets put on clean up detail as the Seacord Parade nears and Pete spends his time trying to inspire them to get excited about more than just “doody duty,” and kind of succeeds! We also get some awesome Platoon moments (including Dobkiss rapping) and a sweet brotherly scene.

Here are a few top moments from this week’s episode:

8. The opening scene where Pete tells the platoon about their next assignment: building a scarecrow to scare away the sea gulls from the dumpsters. What follows is a conversation that takes a turn for the hilarious when Park says that she heard they took a baby, followed by Dobkiss and Chubowski talking about how they raised it as their own and taught them “the ways of the gull.” Just a fantastic opening scene.

7.  The platoon doesn’t respond to the announcement that they are on clean up detail for the parade as Pete expected, as they cheer for the limited responsibility and practicing they have in preparation. Of course Randy and Robinson would have a dance routine to go with their “doody duty.” Glad they decided to show off their routine for the group.

6. “Best part of only having one foot; you only hear half of me coming.” Cody had some really funny lines this episode and this was just one of them as he sneaks up on Pete watching Jill and her “perfect platoon.”

5. Dobkiss’ rapping skills show up again for karaoke night with the platoon and they seem to be really into it, especially Randy. Much appreciated.

4. Derrick is outed as a “dream crusher” in a series of flashbacks when he meets the platoon and it’s that realization and of course, Pete’s insistence that they can do so much more than what they have set themselves up for.

3. The rifle handling scene was great because while there were certainly funny parts to those moments, there was that bit of heart that makes you root for these guys. And, up until the point they eventually crashed and burned initially in front of Cody, you really believe they were going to do it.

2. Derrick confessing to his brother that he’s actually a hero and deserved that spot up front with Cody while admitting (indirectly) that Pete has helped change their platoon was incredibly sweet. Saying nice things like that while making it seem that you’re under duress is most definitely a sibling thing to do and made it relatable.

1. The final parade scene was simultaneously sweet and funny, something this show does really well. As Pete, who was up in front with Cody due to an issue with a crack head Senator (“It’s Florida.” *sighs* yeah), moves back to help his troops on “doody duty,” we see them finally perfect the choreography, only with brooms and shovels. It’s definitely my favorite moment of the episode. Of course, chaos reigns in on the moment as the Shifletts throw down with the Grumpy’s kids and all hell breaks loose (very nice nod to Animal House, there).

So, what did you think? What were your favorite moments? Who else is feeling bad for Chubowski, who always seems to be getting hit by something? Let’s talk favorite scenes and quotes!


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