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Eureka – Recap & Review – Of Mites & Men

photo: syfy
Of Mites & Men

Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2011

Rachel M – Senior Staff Writer

It’s been two weeks since Allison was “brain jacked” and Jack doesn’t want her to go back to work but she’s going stir crazy. But Senator Wen shuts her down and doesn’t allow her to come back. Poor Allison. Jo passes her Astraus test and she’s pysched, even when Zane catches her. Senator Wen tries to coerce Jack into service at GD, but it’s not a request, and she wants him to wear a suit.

Jo, Parrish, Fargo and Marten are trapped in a small room in a deep sublevel to test their mental and physical stamina, ala being in a space shuttle. This is going to be amazingly entertaining!

Astraus Mission Pod: Parrish is all in, Marten believes it’s for the best, Fargo is freaked and Jo is not happy. Things take a turn when Zane is inside of Jo’s locker. Zane brings his own jumpsuit, and starts by checking out the food. Holly is so gung-ho, and she has a valid point about why it’s an important test. So they all get to folding cranes. Since their being boring, their mission manager Larry, turns up the heat- literally. Their time in the pod is going to get worse.

For starters, Zane is annoying. The bathroom doesn’t work. They are still folding cranes. And then Larry starts disco. Parrish won’t share his paper with Holly, who’s flirtations only go so far. That and Dr. Parrish is really annoyingly smug. Then the power goes out, Fargo aims to fix the power outage, but Parrish tries to instigate a fight by saying no one will follow him. But Holly and Jo do listen to his lead. But it turns out the power outage is not part of the test.

Jo and Fargo are working to get the power back on, but Jo thinks that Zane cheated on the test for her. So now she’s giving up, and Zane can’t convince her otherwise. Turns out he’s part of the test, he was put in there by Wen. When the pod starts to collapse, only Parrish is unfazed, thinking it’s just all part of the test. He only starts freaking out (and screaming) when one of the mites falls him. (Why don’t we get to see Wil Wheaton screaming like a girl??)

Zane digs a power source out of the mite, and the team is working on a way to get themselves out. They get the door open but only a little bit, Jo: “That’s like 8 inches we’ll never make it.” Holly: “I can manage 8 inches no problem.” Fargo: “Gasp” Jo: “That’s going to be a bit tight.” Holly: “I have extremely limber joints.” Fargo gives a soft whoo, Zane raises his sexy eyebrows and Holly tries to fit but doesn’t quite make it.

In GD: No one will listen to Allison, and Jack is stuck in the middle. An elevator disappears and he almost goes down the shaft, they think it’s the fault of the guy working on the communications system, but he plays innocent. While Jack is standing there, the platform goes away. So who’s the culprit now? Andy is able to help a little bit, with his special skills. They talk to the scientist who’s building the space ship, she is ahead of schedule by building the hull using tungsten eating mites. They were designed by Zane, who is unavailable.

The mites have gone wild. They are eating GD to build a ship. And they are pretty much impossible to kill or stop. Up top, Larry went for a sandwich and came back to find his testing panel completely eaten by mites (not that he could get to it there’s a piece of spaceship in the way. So now Jack will have to go down to Level Q to get the crew out manually. Andy leads Jack, but then gets taken down by the mites. They discover that the communication screw up from earlier caused the mites to go AWOL. So they come up with a plan to zap the bugs. Jack gets stuck in the corridor to try and get to the pod, so he follows Allison’s directions to find them. He leaps through a rapidly closing portal and makes it, except for part of his tie, basically choking him.

Everyone together: Fargo has a plan to save everyone. They use the crane trail to pass Carter a magnet and he uses that grab the bug bomb that he needs to use to kill the mites. The sound is awful but it works. And eventually they all get released from all the new construction.

Fargo and Holly go on their date, it’s very sweet. And Felicia Day looks gorgeous. Henry isn’t going to be able to have the experimental heart surgery, but he wants his wife to go. Allison and Jack reconcile. And Jo talks to Zane, and turns out Wen is granting him a full pardon, which means he’s eligible for Astraus and basically anything else he wants to do ever.

Oh, so who’s going to go to Titan? Are Jo and Zane gonna figure out their relationship? So many questions!

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