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Face Off: Divide & Conquer — Recap & Review — Feral Fungi

Face Off: Divide & Conquer
Fungal Zombie Challenge

Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley, Sr. Staff Writer


Is there anything that Face Off contestants like more than zombies? No, I didn’t think so.

So the six remaining makeup artists (now in even teams of three) were thrilled with the next challenge — Fungal Zombies. Seemed that a virus has infected a hospital. Contestants have to create three zombies all in various stages of infection (one day, seven days and 30 days). Doesn’t seem that fair to me as the first day is far less makeup than the day thirty, but no one asked my opinion…

Andrew stepped in as foreman of Twisted Six Effects, which picked the brain mushroom virus. Kierstin once again took rein of Ethereal Effects after choosing the octopus stinkhorn virus.

Phil is the first to really struggle with his first-day infection. His initial try looked more like burns than brain mushroom. Michael Westmore suggested he rework it using Andrew’s bulging brain makeup (the 30-day effect) as inspiration. Phil also helped on Andrew’s chest piece and, on a second try, molded a brain mushroom for his creation to hold. He figured that as long as his team makes it through, he will as well.

The other contestant who struggled is a surprise — Faina. While she loved the starfish-like tentacle coming out of the seven-day infected zombie’s eye, her paint job suffered. And she’s known for spectacular paint jobs.

Joining the judging panel was video game writer Neil Druckmann, although what he knows about makeup is never revealed. He tried sounding like he knew something but wasn’t convincing.

The judges liked Andrew’s, KC’s and Kierstin’s work. They felt Nelson’s paint job of the 30-day infection was too muddied. They pointed out Faina’s inconsistent paint job and the strange starfish shape of her parasite. And despite his revamp, they still thought Phil’s makeup still looked like a burn.

Twisted Six definitely had the most cohesive design, but then McKenzie announced a game changer. There would be no winning studio and they would now be competing as individuals (you knew that had to happen sometime).

So as the winner of the challenge, KC was the first to join the semifinals (Andrew’s was much better but he won the last two challenges — a third win would kill any suspense the show has). Joining her were Andrew, Kierstin and Nelson, leaving Faina and Phil. Luckily the judges recalled all the good work Faina has done in the past and rewarded her with the final spot.

So we said goodbye to Phil, a young artist who showed promise, but just didn’t have the same level of experience. He was also was the last of the original Twisted Six team.

Are you going to miss the team aspect? Did Phil deserve to go home? Which was your favorite zombie? Give us your TwoCents…

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